Top 5 Action Fantasy Manga/Manhwa With OP MC (You Need To Read Right Now!)

I know many of you all are on summer break and after a long day of studying or partaking in your summer break duties, you need a good action fantasy manga, webtoon or manhwa to mellow out your day.

Well ladies and gentlemen, this action fantasy manga/manhwa list is going to be so slapping, the next thing you know, it’s going to be 7:00 am and a buff made oniisan is gonna bring you breakfast!

So without further ado, let’s start this list.

Here are the Top 5 Best Action Fantasy Manga/Manhwa with OP MC:

1. FFF-Class Trashero

Starting this action fantasy manga list with FFF-Class Trashero.

To be honest, it took me a minute to adjust to this art style because the first time around I felt like I was reading Roblox the webtoon.

However, once you get into the actual story, you get hooked right away.

We get introduced to Kang Han Soo, who after 11 long years of adventuring he finally arrives at the demon king castle to fight in a final battle.

Then in a very anti-climatic fashion, Han Soo yeats the demon king.

Grateful that he is done with the journey and finally able to reunite with this japanese toilet, the gods of this isekai world.

Hit him with the uno reverse card.

The gods went full asian parrot mode by telling him, ‘yeah you may have killed the demon king but you failed in every other category as a hero’.

I mean, the prime example of you failing is your dead ass killed off your whole party.

Despite all the plays of Han Soo, the gods teleport the hero back to day one of the journey 11 years ago.

Erasing all of his weapons and skills with the only thing left intact is his memories.

To make things even worse, he’s even assigned a monitor to track his daily performance.

You would think with all of this, Han Soo would wake up and start being the hero that he was destined to be.

But of course, all the BS my man’s had to suffer for the 11 past years, he dead ass went full cosmo trash hero mode.

My man pulls up to a slave auction, like straight out of redo of healer.

He then proceeds to kill his newly acquired elf slave for exp points.

And then he proceeds to kill the elf princess who’s trying to save that elf slave, so when the dust settles down and the monitor checks in for the day, she is straight up mortified.

I mean, I don’t blame her, because how the hell are you going to transform an ions redo of a healer into my hero academia’s Almight.

2. Arcane Sniper

action fantasy manga

The second spot on this action fantasy manga list is of Arcane Sniper.

This story follows an unfortunate story of a special force sniper named Ha LiHa, who gets crippled by an accident and now needs $1.8 million for surgery.

Thankfully, he had some really dope ass family members that chipped in to buy him a $19,000 VR contraption for LiHa to help him get back on his feet (no pun intended)

And once LiHa gets initiated into this world, he is overjoyed out of his mind because he now has a sensation to walk again and just move around.

Sadly though, his Ls does not stop from his real life because my man ends up with the musketeer class.

He deadass about to be sent out with George Washington to fight off Sir 21 savage in the american Revolutionary war.

I mean, this class was so sucky, it takes LiHa over one minute to reload his weapon.

So while he’s getting his ass beat by Pekra, LiHa is trying to ram gunpowder into his musket as soon as possible.

Not only that his ammunition is more expensive  than the monster he’s actually hunting.

It seems that LiHa is at rock bottom but he kept his head high and he kept on pushing.

This perseverance paid off, because he found himself in this miracle situation where he was able to one shot kill this black angus harambe looking ass… 

(Oh, before we continue this further, let’s give a moment of silence for our nobel peace winning humanitarian harambe, for it was his 5th year anniversary of his unfortunate assassination. Thank you!)

Like I was saying, through this miraculous feat of one shot killing, this huge ass black rabbit, LiHa started to take some massive w’s from this point onward.

Firstly, he caught the attention of the 9th World Highest Ranking player, the local baker started to show her buns.

And lastly, you got a 15 tall onii-sans packing you bento boxes like a high school romance anime.

Hopefully, LiHa will continue to take w’s from here on onward.

Because how badass would it be if he eventually gets to a point where he pulls out a whole ass Sinon SAO PGM Ultima Ratio anti-tank sniper rifle!

3. Legend Of The Northern Blade

action fantasy manga

Taking the third spot on the list, comes Legend Of The Northern Blade.

Now, this is a unique one out of this list and many people may be offended by this series’ art style.

However, if you love Mujang or Breakers, I can guarantee you 1000% that you will love the series.

This series follows a group of warriors called The Northern Heavenly Sect, a group of warriors that has been protecting the known world for a hundred years against the evil forces called the Silent Knight.

The northern heavenly sect was spearheaded by the fourth generation leader Jin Kwan-Ho and his four generals.

However, one day this all changed when the silent night mysteriously disappeared and Kwan-Ho got betrayed by the Nine Skies who somehow also persuaded Kwan-Ho’s generals to join their side.

So in classic top 10 anime betrayal moments, Kwan-Ho is like, I will surrender if you spare my child Jin Mu-Won.

Then the Nine Skies consented, so Kwan-Ho proceeds to kill himself with his own sword, right in front of his devastated son.

Then time jumps 3 years later, where the northern sect now looks like downtown LA.

And all the former members are completely gone from the city.

Mu-Won, who is 16 at this point, is now busy working on his craft as a blacksmith.

Despite now leading a quiet lifestyle, he is constantly monitored by guards sent by the nine skies.

Even though it may seem Mu-Won is in no position to qualify as the 5th Leader of the northern sect family, he studies his ancestor’s martial arts skills through the layout of the city.

This was only possible because his father made him learn the forgotten language of the lower moon kingdom.

Mu-Won repeated this routine for many months, but one day he came across a badly poisoned girl named Eun Ha-Seol.

After helping her recover, it seemed that there was actually some new joy happening in his life.

Honestly, with all of their interactions, between Ha-Seol and Mu-Won, it really hit me with the diabetes.

And man! when Mu-Won gave that hairpiece to Ha-Seol, damn, that was pretty smooth.

However, after one lewd hand-holding scene later, this ‘my youth’ romantic comedy was short-lived when the demon of chaos pulled up to the city.

You could tell the main characters were screwed, because this dude needed this one chick like he was flicking a fly.

Ha-Seol takes it for the team and tells Mu-Won to run away as he distracts the demon.

As Ha-Seol was being strangled to death and we were getting hit with the death flashback powerpoint, chad Mu-Won pops out of nowhere, makes the demon release Ha-Seol and says this one liner:

‘I am northern heavenly sect’s 5th generation leader Jin Mu-Won’ 


4. Worn and Torn Newbie

action fantasy manga

I know you all love your revenge of redemption story, well, my friends this story is for you!

This action fantasy manga/manhwa follows a 35 year old gambling addict named Woo-Jin.

Despite playing this VR game, Des Ex Machima for 15 years, he is literally still at rock bottom.

And on top of that, he owes tons of money to loan sharks.

Even though it seemed like a complete lost cost for Woo-Jin, he is miraculously reborn 15 years ago to the beginning stages of this game.

Now this comes to a complete advantage for him, because he knows the ins and outs of the game.

It’s straight up like if a college senior student shows up to a first grade class.

It’s deadass rigged!

And so, Woo-Jin takes full advantage of that and he’s unlocking these random hidden dungeons and these ass whooping KKK wizards looking spanish inquisition looking dungeons bosses.

My man is so Alpha now, he’s walking around fully naked, like he’s at some european nude beach.

Now the story finally turned subarashii when Woo-Jin encountered the very people that ruined his past life.

Which was the Yu siblings.

Who on the surface looked like very righteous people. But in reality, these are narcissistic lone sharks that farm for EXP and items using real life people that owed them money.

They dead ass mining for bitcoin or something here?

But this time around Woo-Jin had the upper hand and he did what every proper korean man does.


Firstly, he locks the siblings into a dungeon and right when the sibling kills the boss, Woo-Jin then steps in and delivers the final blow.

Then when it was revealed that this dungeon was actually a double dungeon, Woo-Jin then disappears and Yu Da-Hee gets possessed by the dungeon boss and then proceeds to kill off her brother.

Woo-Jin then steps in and goes full on DDR mode on us and kills off the demon who possessed Da-Hee.

While Da-Hee was a ghost waiting to respond.

You just see, Woo-Jin exposing his full bare ass crack as he’s picking up the dropped items.

To make things even more savage, Woo-Jin proceeds to upload the whole thing that went down to YouTube.

I mean how embarrassing it is for your party to get disgracefully wiped out by a naked korean man.

This is a kenjon comedy routine xd

Well, if this savagery and OP nature is your cup of tea, I’m sure you’ll really really enjoy the series!

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5. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

action fantasy manga

My personal favorite on this action fantasy manga/manhwa list is SSS-Class Suicide Hunter.

This manga follows the weakest hunter of the city of Babylon called Kim Gong-Ja.

Legitly, he spends all of his day simping after the world’s strongest hunter called The Flame Emperor.

Despite his miserable lifestyle, things sort of turned around for Gong-Ja when he randomly got gifted the S ranked skill – I want to be like you.

This skill allowed him to acquire the skill of a person that kills him.

Conveniently, Gong-Ja comes across the Flame Emperor killing miss saint after she tries to bill cosby him.

In response, Gong-Ja is like, hey that’s illegal.

But being the actual douche that the flame emperor really is, he roy mustanged the innocent Gong-Ja.

And you all know what happens when you wrong an innocent korean man!

He goes on a full-blown revenge mission after acquiring the flame emperor’s unique skill Returners Clockwork Watch, where he’s able to return 24 hours prior to his most recent death.

So you know what this mad lad did, he killed himself 4050 times!

(The imperial japanese kamikaze platoon officer would like to know your location xD)

The reason why Gong-Ja specifically killed himself 4050 times, was that this was right before the flame emperor awakened and he was simply a blue collar worker by the name of Yu Suha.

Then one day when Yu Suha was on his daily routine of solo hunting, Gong-Ja killed him after feigning that he was a fellow injured hunter.

And to really bring things to complete satisfaction, he lets wolves feast on the dead body of Suha.

With the flame emperor out of the picture, how does this new S-Class hunter conduct himself?

Does he continue to go on smear campaigns or does he turn his life completely around and actually become the main character of this timeline?

Thankfully it was the latter.

From recruiting the eccentric isekai’d sword emperor to winning rap battles against orcs, from investing into no bodies before they blow up, to rigging lotteries and winning millions.

It was extremely entertaining seeing Gong-Ja making all these big brain chad-like moves and being at the forefront of being potentially one of the first hunters to clear the tower of babylon.

So there you have it.

Top 5 Best Action Fantasy Manga/Manhwa titles to keep you entertained!

I hope you liked it.

And if you think I left any worthy action fantasy manga/manhwa title, let me know down in the comments.

See you on the next post!


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