Top 10 Kingdom Building Manga with OP MC (You Need To Read Right Now)

So today we will be discussing the Top 10 Kingdom Building Manga with OP MC list.

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into the topic.

Here are the Top 10 Kingdom Building Manga with OP MC:

  1. Doomed To Be A King

kingdom building manga

Our main character is an unfortunate time traveler and during his journey he ends up in a different world.

At the start of this manga, you will see that the main character acts like a wimp.

But slowly and slowly a huge character development takes place.

And our main character becomes overpowered.

You will see that the main character gets a system and he tries to leverage the system to its maximum potential.

One day, the MC occupies a mountain and crowns himself as the king.

And from there onwards, he starts his journey to build this mountain into one of the most advanced territories in the whole kingdom.

The best thing about kingdom building manga is how the main character uses his knowledge to sell things, to make powerful allies and to solve the problems of the people.

This manga is really good. The story, the plot, the art, everything is beautiful!

  1. It Starts With A Mountain

kingdom building manga

Now, this manga has 16 chapters that are available on the website.

But if you go on to YouTube and search this, then you will find that it has more than 38 chapters.

A strategic leader was playing a game, but then he gets isekai’d into this game.

The game in which he gets isekai’d is full of wars and conflicts.

The MC does not become a king after ending up in this world, instead he becomes the leader of a bandit group.

But fate is so cruel that the bandit group which he became the leader of plans to ditch him.

Each and every person has already left him, with only two people by his side and they were also planning to leave him.

But our main character begs them to stop and serve him.

And that is how our main character starts his journey in this world of chaos as the bandit leader.

And slowly and slowly he builds up powerful connections which help him defeat enemies and conquer lands and wealth.

Here, our MC also has a system.

  1. The Max Level Hero Has Returned

This manga has one of the most beautiful art and a superb OP main character.

The weak prince of an insignificant country, Prince Davey.

After becoming comatose, his soul escaped into the temple where the souls of the hero have gathered.

He trained for a thousand years, and he has now returned as a max level hero.

The main character has trained in the art of assassination, he is an expert in holy magic, he is a necromancer, he is an expert blacksmith and he is also a master swordsman.

With these qualifications, MC returns back and when he opens his eyes, he realizes that behind all these things was a major conspiracy.

And thus, our main character Davey starts his royal life and takes revenge.

At the start of the story, there is no kingdom building, but after 25 chapters you will find that the kingdom building has begun.

  1. Dungeon Reset

This is one of the most popular kingdom building manga.

‘When we woke up, we were in an unknown forest greeted by a talking rabbit who explained to us the rules of the twisted game we were forced to take part in.

We had to survive in that weird world full of traps and monsters with only game-like skills to help us.

And of course mine was useless.’

Now, this is what our main character thinks. This is the story of how he was summoned into a different world along with other people.

But his skill was useless.

Then during an incident, the members of his party believed that he had died and chose to abandon him.

But when the main character opens his eyes, he sees a message:

Stage 1 cleared: The dungeon will be reset and all of your wounds would be healed

And that is when the main character is shocked, ’what, what is happening? why am I still alive?’

Then, they realize that this is a kind of bug and using this bug our main character builds up his own territory.

It’s a very interesting and refreshing story.

You will see how our main character survives using the most basic skills that he was given by the system.

  1. Return Of The Mount Hua Sect

This is a new manga that was released this year.

Chung Myung, the 13th disciple of the mount hua sect.

One of the three great swordsmen, plum blossom, sword saint, defeated Chun Ma, who has brought destruction and disarray on to the world of murim.

After the battle, he breathes his last breath on top of the headquarter mountain of the heavenly demon sect.

But the moment he opens his eyes, he realizes that he is reborn after 100 years into the body of a child.

But wait, he is not born into the body of an ordinary child, but the body of a child of the beggar’s union, who is often bullied.

Then he tries to inquire about his sect and realizes that mount hua sect has already fallen.

And with this, our MC starts his journey in order to revive his sect!

The art is very beautiful and our main character is very powerful and smart.

  1. Bug Player

kingdom building manga

Now, this manga is one of the most underrated manga.

It has a good story, an awesome main character and a very good plot.

Our main character was an ordinary young man who was playing an RPG game called Paradiso. 

But while playing, he died and then the next thing is, he gets reincarnated into the game as in the body of Jared, who is a good for nothing ultra high obese young lord.

And from there onwards, you will see how the main character utilizes bugs in the game in order to become lean and handsome and in order to manage his territory.

The art in season 1 is much better than the art in season 2 of this manga.

Our main character is overpowered. What I like most about this story is how Jared uses his brain in order to solve the problems of his territory.

And how the people around him starts talking about him, that how can a trash, good for nothing, obese man become such a great young lord.

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  1. Trash Of The Count’s Family

kingdom building manga

‘When I opened my eyes, I was inside a novel, The Birth Of A Hero.

The birth of a hero was a novel that was focused on the adventures of the main character Choi Han.

A high school boy who was transported to a different dimension from earth, along with the birth of numerous heroes of the continent.

I became a part of that novel as the trash count, the family that oversaw the territory where the first village that Choi Han visits is located.

The problem is that choi han becomes twisted after the village and everyone in it are destroyed by assassins.

The bigger problem is the fact that this stupid trash who I have become doesn’t know about what happened in the village and messes with choi han only to get beaten to a pulp.

This is going to be a problem.’

Now, all these are the thoughts of our main character and that is how our main character thinks of avoiding the problems.

But unfortunately, he ends up in it.

This is a very awesome manga, although our main character is not overpowered, our main character is very smart!

  1. Starting From Today I’ll Work As A City Lord

kingdom building manga

When a gaming otaku gains the power to cross over to other worlds, he will obviously have to figure out what to do with it.

And one day our main character buys a city from a scammer.

The city’s in Ruins, the people are too poor and the beast women are caught up in cages.

But after seeing this our main character does not get demotivated.

Instead, he uses his brain in order to form this whole trash city into the most beautiful and prosperous city.

You will see how the MC recruits cat woman, fox women and rabbit women!

  1. Spirit Farmer

The average korean citizen who has been desperately trying to be a hero for 11 years has realized that he cannot fulfill his dream.

After giving up on everything, Lee Geon Woo decided to become a farmer and live his quiet life.

But everything is not so simple.

And then one day, he finds out that he has awakened as a special class known as spirit farmers.

This manga is very heartwarming, I think you should all give it a try!

  1. Release That Witch

kingdom building manga

The best web novel on kingdom building and this is adapted into a manga known as Release That Witch.

A male engineer trans-migrated into another world and he became a prince.

Now in this world, witches do exist and they have supernatural powers too.

But in this world, witches are regarded as evil as demon and people think that witches bring upon destruction and devastation.

And so witches are looked upon with disdain and are killed.

But our main character has a different approach.

He takes all the witches as his allies and uses their powers in order to build his city into a more prosperous one.

This manga has an awesome storyline and we also have more than 280 chapters.

Although the chapters are not long but they are very interesting!

Our main character is very smart and the art is good.

Well that’s all for this Kingdom Building manga list and I hope you liked reading this.

If you think I left any worthy manga that could grab a spot on this top 10 kingdom building manga, then do let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “Top 10 Kingdom Building Manga with OP MC (You Need To Read Right Now)

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    I think one of the kingdom building anime that should make one of the top ranks is one called: That time i got reincarnated as a slime, its is a very popular manga that even has an anime that is ongoing right now, it is one of the most popular and is one of my favorites, its about a guy named satoro mikami who gets stabbed to death and is mysteriously reincarnated as a weak monster known as a slime, despite being a mere slime he soon discovers that hes reincarnated with two op abilitys
    one of them is called Great sage,kind of like a cheat code this ability is kind of like having a mini tour guide in his brain that can give him information on anything in the world hes reincarnated in. this ability is kinda hard to explain, you would have to read the manga to understand what im talking about.
    And the other skill he gets reincarnated with is an ability called predator which allows him to devour and monster, enemy, or item he comes across and gain their ability. when hes reincarnated as a slime he befirends goblins who revere and greatly respect him and name him as their village elder, and as the story progresses he befriends other monsters like lizardmen, dwarves, ogres, and orcs who decide to serve under him. and together with the help of his newfound allies and friends and along with the skills he gains along the way, his little village expands and soon becomes a powerful and prosperous nation called Tempest, with the people soon naming the OP little slime (whos now known as Rimuru) as their lord. Armed with his two OP skills; Great sage and predator, along with other skills he gains, he strives to protect his friends and allies from new enemies that attempt to cause them harm.
    I think that this Anime and manga are SUPER op, and its one of my top five favorite anime. I constantly rewatch it again and again because i cant get enough of it, the main character is extremely kind and cares about his friends and allies and treats them as if they were his own family, it is a very exciting anime with alot of heartwarming moments,


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