10 Best Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa (You Need To Read Right Now!)

Today we will be going over enemies to lovers bl manhwa tropes, Yaoi webtoons and web comics.

Now, this article has been requested quite a lot so I’ve included both some Yaoi and some Shounen-ai as well.
So without further ado, let’s start this list
Here are 10 Best BL Manhwa Recommendations for you:

1. Addiction

enemies to lovers bl manhwa

In this world, there’s like humans, foxes and wolves. They have a really hard time co-existing with each other, always fighting over territory.
But when the main character who is a fox was found by a wolf in a really awkward situation, he uses it against him to try and get closer to him.
So I actually really like the setting of this comic being in like this animalistic type world, it’s definitely not short of drama.
But if I did have one complaint, I’d say that the ending was a little bit disappointing and I know where the author was trying to go with this but it just felt really unsatisfying.
There is actually a side story at the moment as well which I haven’t read but that might be able to tie everything together a little bit more neatly.
I really do love the art style as well, being black and white with these really warm shades that makes everything feel really dramatic!

2. If You Hate Me So

enemies to lovers bl manhwa

So when the main character walks into the teacher’s lounge, he finds a student doing something very unsightly with the teacher while he’s asleep.
He just wanted to forget about everything that he saw, but it became really hard when they both started crushing on the same guy and the teacher from before.
So this comic does have 15 chapters excluding the side story and then season two starts, which is called If You Like Me So.
That’s also about completely different characters.
So including all of the story and the side stories, it does actually have 53 chapters all together.
Confusing I know, but it is what it is. It is the same creator as Love Is An Illusion – Fargo you can tell straight away by the art style.
It’s really pretty!
I do think that the characters were quite likable despite the story being about a very unhealthy and toxic relationship.
I kind of just really sympathized for the characters and I ended up liking them a lot.
Add this enemies to lovers bl manhwa to your list right now!

3. The Devil’s Temptation

enemies to lovers bl manhwa

The main character is attending an office Christmas party even though he’d plan to stay at home.
After drinking way too much and making a fool of himself, he wakes up naked next to the one man he hates the most.
I used to hate this comic and then I liked it and now I love it!
I used to think that Ivan’s stupid face was just so annoying and I really didn’t like him.
But he’s definitely grown on me over time. He’s just like that one really stupid person you can’t hate even though he’s so obnoxious.
I always thought the creativity in this comic was really strong with the whole animal bonding thing going on.
It’s really unique and interesting, it’s a great comedy, it’ll make you laugh!
And the characters will definitely grow on you even if you don’t like them at first.
A must add in your enemies to lovers bl manhwa list believe me!

4. No Love Zone

Just trying to get by in everyday life, the main character is quite well liked and very sociable.
Things have been going really well for him. But that is until a manager starts working at his new office.
At first his request seemed a little bit unreasonable, but things just get worse and worse.
The story is so problematic and I just love it.
It’s got this mature office setting but it’s got the drama of a high school Shoujo manga.
The main character does push things to the extreme, like he’s not just mean, he is absolutely horrible.
But there’s this big misunderstanding that’s why he’s acting that way and usually I’d roll my eyes at something like that so cliché but I was buying what they were selling.
It’s really a great story and I just love the characters!
A must read enemies to lovers bl manhwa.

5. Room x Mate

enemies to lovers bl manhwa

So while working his part-time job, the main character runs in with this unbearable customer.
After a long day, he just wants to go home and rest.
But he finds out that he has a new roommate and of course it’s the annoying guy from earlier.
I don’t know if this comic is just bad or so bad that it’s kind of good.
The characters are so wacky and weird and the humor is very nonsensical.
But it’s kind of like a comic you can just read without thinking too hard, and it is a good laugh at times.
The art style is also really vibrant and bright which just adds more energy to these already really energetic characters.
You can say it’s one of the best enemies to lovers bl manga I’ve read.

6. Love Shuttle

The main character is tall, handsome and has every characteristic of an alpha.
So everyone just assumes he is and since he’s never been in heat, no one would suspect that he’s actually an omega.
But of course when he actually does go into heat for the first time, the only person around is the guy who he hates the most and his work rival.
Okay, so yeah, this one barely falls into the category of enemies to lover. They do really hate each other at first but it kind of moves on pretty quickly from there.
And I feel the main character is more of just a tsundere than actually enemies to lovers, but it is a really fantastic comic.
So I think that is a really big standout in this comic.

7. Bitten By Moonlight

enemies to lovers bl manhwa

In a fantasy setting, the main character is a vampire or demon.
While he comes home to rest, an assassin attacks him and he tries to kill him.
But it also turns out that he was brainwashed to do so.
This is so good, like oh my god why does it only have seven chapters? I need a season two immediately!
It hasn’t even received an official English translation and I have no idea why.
This is such a hidden gem. The characters have a lot of depth and it’s a really cool story.
The art style is just amazing!
I’ve read a lot of action comics and this being like a supernatural theme, it’s up there with being on par as some of the other action comics I’ve read.
It’s really fantastic. So know this isn’t exactly enemies to lovers bl manhwa because the main character didn’t actually hate him, he was just brainwashed to do so.
But I just really wanted you guys to read it.

8. Pairing Names

enemies to lovers bl manhwa

The two main characters were childhood friends, but growing up together they ended up hating each other more and more.
They also just started to avoid each other at all costs, but it was a pretty big surprise when they wake up in each other’s bodies.
I am so excited for this, it doesn’t have many chapters yet and it hasn’t been picked up for an official English translation.
But I really hope it does because I just love the plot and the characters so far.
It’s kind of like freaky Friday but a boy’s love comic and I have read a few stories with this same kind of part.
It’s always such a good laugh and just a really wholesome uplifting type of comic!
The art style is really clean and neat as well and I have high hopes for it.

9. Semantic Error

It’s a story about a guy in college and when he’s working on a group project everyone ends up with an excuse not to do any work.
So when it comes time to handing in the project, he makes it clear that he was the only one who worked on it.
Which left everyone else in the group to fail the class.
And unfortunately, one of the group members will clearly not let this go.
I’m so into this comic right now, from the very first chapter I was completely hooked.
I really love these characters.
The main character especially, I think he might rub people the wrong way a little bit.
He’s so blunt and it can come across as rude. But that’s just his personality and it’s really unique and I quite like that.
It’s a little bit different from what I’m used to seeing.
The art style is beautiful, it’s a little bit more loose lines but I like the effects and the graphics are really well done.
I just can’t wait for more chapters of this, I think it’s going to be a really great enemies to lovers bl manhwa story!

10. A Man of Virtue

enemies to lovers bl manhwa

The main character is always coming in second to his rival.
And now both of them are working at the same office.
But envy or hate might turn into something completely different when the main character starts to have erotic dreams about the guy he claims to hate.
This is such an adorable and cute comic with really great characters and beautiful art that’s just stunning to look at.
I really feel like it’s completely underrated, I don’t hear much about it.
Once I started reading it, I literally could not put it down even though it’s just like a slice of life kind of drama-ish comic.
It was so fantastic. Although the main story has finished, the side story is still currently being updated at the moment as well.
So these are all of my recommendations for Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa.
I really hope you liked reading all through to the end.

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