Top 21 Anime On Netflix In USA 2021 (You Need To Watch Right Now)

If you’re browsing through anime on Netflix because you can’t find anything worth the watch, then don’t worry I got your back.

Here are Top 21 Anime On Netflix In USA 2021:

21. Erased

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

Do you like detectives but with special abilities? Then this anime is in your ballpark.

The anime follows the story of Satoru who has something known as revival.

It gives him a flash forward of something bad that’s going to happen.

But he can’t see exactly what is bad.

When he reverts back to normal time which is about a few minutes behind, he finds the cause and stops it.

But one day, he wakes up as a great schooler due to revival, now he is stuck in the body of a child with the mindset of a 29 year old.

He has to relive his life while finding the cause and preventing a string of murders.

20. Ajin

If you want some gore and bloodshed along with somewhat good 3d animation, then give Ajin a watch.

It is a supernatural action series that is set in modern day japan.

There are a few individuals who are known as Ajin.

They are immortal beings who have infinite regeneration who can control the beings known as black ghosts.

The main character ‘kei’ who was a normal human, finds out that he is actually an Ajin.

The Ajins hate humanity due to the constant experimentation on them.

This leads to a good storytelling to let the viewers find out who is wrong and who is right.

19. Great Pretender

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

If crime and conmanship gives you the rush, then Netflix has the perfect anime for you.

Great Pretender is a Netflix Original Anime, which at its core is about entertainment.

The story follows ‘Makoto’ who is a small time con-artist in japan, who doesn’t have the motivation but certainly the skill to score big.

That is until he pickpockets the wrong guy ‘Laurent’.

Laurent then pulls him into a con scheme that is far beyond his comfort zone.

But this is just the first of many exciting hastes.

18. Dorohedoro

So you want some more of that horror, gore stuff?

Then look no further for Netflix has ‘Dorohedoro’

In simple terms, the plot is the blend of residential evil and first of the north star in the setting of harry potter.

The world of Dorohedoro is a very unique one to say the least.

It is a post-apocalyptic world where the remainder of humanity lives in a town called ‘Hole’

It is filled with non-magic users and wizards or sorcerers come from another world to test their craft.

It is not the good kind, as they experiment their magic on humans creating magic victims.

The story progresses as the main character ‘Kaiman’ searches for the wizard who victimized him.

17. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

All anime has some emotional bits sprinkled around, but there are some anime whose sole purpose is to build up a story.

A story that at the end punches you in the gut with a fist full of emotions.

Most of such anime generally revolve around love unless you are talking about Anohana.

The story revolves around a man named ‘Jintan’ and his small group of friends.

Unfortunately, it should be his former group of friends but they all grew apart due to the untimely demise of one of their best friends ‘Menma’

That is, until she returns as an older version of herself to haunt Jintan.

To understand why she is back, it is best to give the show a watch and receive the full emotional punch!

16. Castlevania

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

The track record for video games to screen adaptation has never been the best.

But Netflix made it a reality with Castlevania.

It is a re-imagination of the original Castlevania game franchises created by ‘Konami’

This story might seem similar to your run-of-the-mill dark fantasy shows, but that is not the case.

The characters are gradually built up over time especially the villains, who at one point feel like the good guys.

The show is one of the masterpieces created by Netflix.

15. Seven Deadly Sins

If you love some Shōnen with a hint of originality, then seven deadly sins is the anime for you.

It takes all the shonen cliches but executes them in a slightly different manner.

The story follows the seven deadly sins who were once an active group of knights in the region of Britannia.

They were disbanded after the supposedly plotted overthrow of the kingdom of Leones.

But some events unfold and the third princess Elizabeth seems to be the aid of the sins to save the kingdom.

It is a good watch if you want some action in your life.

14. The Promised Neverland

The promised neverland is one of the big hits among animes of winter 2019.

It is an amazing blend of shonen, drama and horror.

Given that most major plot lists in the show happen at the end of the first episode, it is hard to give a spoiler-free version of this story.

That is why believe me, watch the enemy and I promise you won’t regret it (pun intended xD).

13. My Hero Academia

If you haven’t heard about this anime, have you been living under a rock?!It is currently one of the top most Shōnen animes out there.

The story is from the perspective of ‘Midoriya’, who for some reason is born without superpowers in a world filled with super-powered heroes.

Even though he’s powerless, he still wants to become a hero like his idol ‘All Might’.

The story is pretty generic but the character build up and villains of this anime are amazing!

12. Hunter x Hunter

If you are one of those people who think all long-running Shōnen animes are the same cliche troop, then you haven’t watched hunter x hunter yet.

The first part of the story may seem like the generic shonen anime, but as the story moves on you are gonna be blown to pieces.

The story revolves around ‘Gon’, well at least in the first arc.

But as the story progresses, you will find out that this anime takes all the troops of a generic shonen anime and throws them out of the window.

If you are into power scaling and developed characters, then this anime is a must-watch!

11. Beastars

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

People consider this series the anime adaptation of zootopia.

In a manner they’re correct, but obviously this variant is much more real and dark.

They’re both about human-like creatures who carry on with their life like ordinary people.

Furthermore, both are about carnivores and herbivore struggle.

However we should get directly into the story.

One day in Cherryton academy, an alpaca was eaten by an obscure carnivore creature.

Due to this all herbivores are now presently more mindful of carnivores.

In this circumstance, ‘Lugosi’ a wolf attempts to live on with a peace in life until ‘Haru’ a rabbit shows up in his life turning things upside down.

The story and the world are very special so you should look at this anime.

Oh and don’t allow people to impact you by saying you’ll turn into a fuzzy in the event that you watch this. 

You will not, I’m 90 certain sure, uh 70 sure, alright let’s move on.

10. Violet Evergarden

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

Do you like delightfully vivid anime? 

Well you shouldn’t say any longer.

This is your anime.

Kyoto Animation is one of the studios which makes the most eye-astonishing animation as I would like to think.

This story is about a veteran young female who doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to do after the war. 

Every last bit of her life, there were just conflicts and fights and now she has nothing or it appears to be her life drastically changes at the point when her hand gets metal.

Also, the firearm she once held is presently a typewriter which she’s composing onto.

The solid point for this anime is essentially the feelings that individuals go through and furthermore us as we’re watching the story.

It’s an incredibly passionate anime on Netflix, has lovely animation and has well composed characters.

What else do you need?! gracious, definitely tissues!

9. Neon Genesis Evangelion

I’m certain that you’ve seen memes about it and everything, except for where you can watch this anime?

Essentially no place but on Netflix.

As Netflix purchased the license for it.

So the entire anime community was thankful that we can at last watch Neon Genesis Evangelion legally.

Awfully thank you Netflix!

However, we should take a look at the anime.

The story is in this apocalyptic world of 2015.

No doubt did I say this was an old anime?

Yeah, this was made in 1996 so go on.

So there’s this apocalyptic world since a major beast named ‘Angel’ is destroying the world. 

And the lone way to battle against these beasts is huge bio machines which can be only directed by a couple of teenagers.

One of them is ‘Shinji’, our primary hero who can’t actually keep up with the pressure of these battles.

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8. Demon Slayer

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

How about we go to the most hyped anime in 2019 and for valid reasons.

The animations are extraordinary and the battle scenes are so epic. 

Furthermore, obviously we can’t disregard that ‘Nezuko’ cuteness. 

‘Tanjiro’ is a typical kid living with his typical family until one day his family is killed by an obscure evil.

And the lone survivor is his little sister ‘Nezuko’ but she turned into a demon.

Thus their sole purpose becomes to murder the demon who demolished their life.

The anime’s main focus is the battle scenes since they end up being truly intriguing in an action film.

But obviously the characters and secrets of the story likewise are good and fascinating. A must watch anime on netflix.

7. DevilMan Crybaby

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

The well known Netflix Original anime which ends up being interesting.

Alright, these days most netflix original anime turn out great yet this one is the first which truly ended up well.

And it depends on an old yet classic manga from the 70s.

Let’s see the story.

‘Akira’ is carrying on an ordinary life until his old companion ‘Ryo’ returns.

Which results in change in his life in a real sense, Akira turns into an evil spirit after a night party with Ryo.

After this, Akira begins his demon hunting life.

The anime has a decent story and just 10 episodes so it’s very short yet you should give it a shot as you will love it!

6. Gin Tama

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

This is the solitary long-running anime on the rundown.

However I need to include this anime since it’s quite the most silly show.

Gin Tama is generally a spoof of each and every other anime; furthermore, a superb parody anime.

It has some genuine moments and epic battles.

For the story, umm, so the characters are OK, it has a story yet it’s crazy to the point that I figure you should encounter it yourself.

Fundamentally, it has its own image of humor which I consider most of you would unquestionably like. 

5. Code Geass

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

The second best anime which uses action.

But it’s primary focus is on strategy and I’d prefer to call it mind battles.

And this is the reason this anime is splendid!

The primary character is an elegantly composed character and a genius, who’s not actually as tough as most action anime heroes.

But he can beat his enemies with well thought out plans.

The story turns out to be in a different timeline, where Great Britain has won practically the entire world.

The story takes place in japan which is renamed ‘Area 11’ after Britain inhabited it.

And this is where Lelouch is living his secondary school life and wanting to destroy Britain.

One day he turns out to be nearer to his fantasy when he procures a power which gives him the capacity to control individuals.

Obviously there’s a breaking point to this power, which you’ll discover in the anime.

This anime additionally has enormous mecha battles, so in the event that you like enormous robots you ought to certainly look at this anime.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t care for mechas you’ll still like this anime for the story and the turns on the story.

4. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Whenever somebody is requesting an anime suggestion, somebody will say JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and now I’m that person.

Yet, listen to me out.Jojo is an extraordinary action movie with great characters, great adversaries and an incredible story.

Sorry, it’s somewhat similar to gintama.

3. Death Note

Anime to watch after Death Note

Alright, I’ll discuss the anime, not the Netflix transformation of Death Note.

At this point you remember in code geass, I said the second best anime which uses action but the primary focus is on strategy.

So you can figure which is the first indeed.

It’s Death Note!

It has way less action, however, way more strategy and plan making to deceive the other individual into your traps.

The story is about a student named ‘Light Yagami ’ who one day picks up a strange note pad named Death Note.

Light rapidly discovers that with this note pad he can kill anybody easily.

He simply needs to know their name and face.

So Light plans to change the world to a better place with executing all the awful individuals on the planet.

But a smart detective named ‘L’ came to stop him.

Who will win?

You’ll discover it in the anime.

I think this is one of the animes that I can say is a must watch anime on Netflix.

2. Sword Art Online

Top 21 Anime on netflix in 2021

Let’s move on to our number 1 anime on Netflix in USA list.

1. FullMetal Alchemist

I think most you’re not astounded by this one.

This is the top anime maybe in each top anime list.

However, it doesn’t bother me.

It’s a decent anime.

It has everything a decent anime ought to have.

Great story, great characters, great character development, battles and world structure.

Alright how about we see the story.

In the world of alchemy the law of comparable trade is significant.

‘Edward’ also, his younger sibling ‘Alphonse’ learned it the most difficult way possible when they attempted to bring back their dead mother to life.

Be that as it may, rather Edward lost one of his legs and one of his arms.

What’s more, Alphonse lost his body so his spirit lives in iron armor.

They carry on with their life to discover the philosopher’s stone which can survive the law of comparable trade.

I believe that I said everything concerning why you should watch this anime.

This is the main on our list of Netflix Anime in USA Series,  so it must be amazing, right?

Well that is all for today’s list.

So guys, do you agree with the list or have I missed some of your favorite ones?

Let me know down in the comments and as always guys, have a nice day.


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