Top 10 Anime Where Couple Get Married (You Need To Watch Right Now!)

Today we will be discussing about the top 10 anime where anime couple get married.

Now the romance genre is a rollercoaster ride of emotions no matter what anime we’re talking about.

It makes us feel as if we’re floating in the air with those heart flutters and that warmth only to hit us with the tragedy that’s packed in for every viewer out there.

So let’s get ready to see some of the best and perfect love stories out there with the romance setting the ultimate stage, that being marriage itself.

Here are the top 10 anime where couple get married:

  1. Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu

anime where couple get married

Let’s start off the list with the most perfect girl possible, Haruka Nogizaka herself.

I mean let’s face it, how many girls have you seen who are such beauties, have a charming personality and are at the top of their institution and are otaku enough to blend in with you.

Of course daydreaming doesn’t count!

What I loved about this series in particular is how it took the otaku concept and flipped it over.

This time the girl being the weeb, while having all these perks that makes everyone fall head over heels for that female character in an anime.

I mean the popular girl with the unpopular guy is still there but it’s the encounters and experiences that makes the series such a sweet treat.

And the end just serves as the perfect cherry on top of the cake.

  1. Myself: Yourself

As a kid, transferring schools is nothing worse than a nightmare.

It’s made even worse when you have a bunch of friends, a group you really want to get along with at times leaving you with a bitter taste and rather reluctant to open up to new faces.

Sana Hidaka couldn’t agree with me more here because that’s exactly how he felt when he had to leave Sakura No Mori 

Parting the lovely town while promising his friends that he’d always remember them.

Having a rather rough time while in Tokyo, the boy’s back in town and just wants to turn back time.

We live those haukian days that are merely a dream at this point, but time changes people, at times making the ones who were once the closest to you seem to be the ones that are most distant.

My favorite part is how the two literally lift each other up, making up for what the other person lacks while helping to draw the best version of one another.

Just too sweet!

  1. Itazura Na Kiss

anime where couple get married

Are you a fan of earthquakes? You might be thinking I hit my head on the floor or something.

But if you were given the opportunity to sleep under the same roof as your crush, would you be willing to let an earthquake destroy your home?

Tough question.

See it get animated in Ita Kiss where the 200 IQ, the only character who could stand up against Light Yagami is forced to have Kotoku there at the same place.

Well, he wouldn’t mind at all because the guy is just too genius for his own good with a lot of quirks up his sleeve, making him the perfect high schooler with a bullying little brother, a rather troublesome mother and friend spicing things up every other episode.

Ita Kiss is too cute while having all these characters that are rather stiff in the beginning but love melts the most frozen hearts out there, no?

  1. Fushigi Yuugi

anime where couple get married

This is exactly why I don’t visit the library.

Gathering all these warriors to summon holy deity, me with that stuff? I’d rather fail my exam.

But Yuugi and Yuui weren’t that smart, since the Universe of the four Gods wasn’t a China they wanted to visit, even when on a year’s vacation.

Now burdened with the task of gathering these plebs for the ritual, Fushigi Yuugi is a genre medley that has something for every fan out there.

Made even sweeter by that pill of romance that makes sure you overdosed and had diabetes by the end of the series.

The action and adventure genre drawing me all in with an antagonist that made me want to pay attention despite my housefly attention span.

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  1. Natsuyuki Rendezvous

anime where couple get married

Love flowers? Love ghosts? Well, you’re in luck!

Because this anime brings us the best of both worlds with one of the sweetest love stories anime has to offer.

Stopping by the shore where the love of your life works sounds too 2000ish, no?

But that’s exactly why it hits home for all of us boomers out here.

In my opinion, the unique setting of the anime as to how it blends the supernatural with the natural while making us remember and we live that teenage romance once again, is what makes it stand out compared to the rest of the titles out there.

Will the deceased husband win and take over Ryousuke’s body or would the protagonist win the heart of the flower in a field of flowers, that being Rokka herself.

I mean it’s pretty obvious but it’s still a journey you have to take while knowing the destination.

  1. Maison Ikkoku

anime where couple get married

Ah the nostalgia!

This show brings back the retro vintage animation that was love at first sight, for most of us.

Goals and aims come first and foremost. Especially when you’re a hard working person aspiring to achieve nothing but greatness in your future.

But as they say, love changes everything!

Kadai would add to the credibility of the fact that when he decides to leave the 24/7 365 party house that he’s a part of, that is until he comes across the new face Kyoko a face that would appear in front of him whenever he’d close his eyes, be it night or day.

A widow and still not fully recovered from her husband’s death, Kyoko can’t forget her first love.

I mean who can, but the beauty of this anime is that it made me realize that if your feelings are true and your heart beats for the very one you want to be with, then it won’t take long until you’ve written your name in the scars of the heart you live for!

  1. Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai!

Everyone wants that college scholarship to cover up that tuition fee, that at times requires more than just a kidney out of your body, no?

But sometimes that prestigious scholarship comes at a cost unheard of, especially if we’re talking about Bokuben.

The genius Nariyuki must tutor the best the college has to offer.

Wait, why would they need tutoring then? Well, everyone has that subject they suck at, right?

No problem, nariyuki is here to help everyone with that, but with a childhood friend and a bunch of eccentric personalities there to keep him occupied, what kind of journey would the show take us on?

What fascinated me the most about this title in particular was the anime and the manga being worlds apart.

If he didn’t marry your waifu then don’t let that sigh relieve cause he’s coming for her bro!

  1. Amagami SS

Getting stood on when it comes to a date, sure leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth.

Afterwards being hesitant when it comes to that lock button isn’t in anyone’s dictionary, but that on something as romantic as christmas eve where kissing under the mistletoe is the most romantic thing ever literally breaks your heart in more than just two pieces.

Tachibana is on board with us since he went through the exact same experience leaving him rather traumatized.

I mean we can’t blame the guy now, can we? But with he being the one on the choosing side this time, all these beautiful ladies with their unique personalities make the show worth all its praise since it’s captivating and a mesmerizing one-of-a-kind romance.

That is what made me re-watch the show more than just a couple of times.

Will this Christmas eve be different or will it just rub salt into the already bitter wounds of the poor boy? Let’s find out!

  1. The Quintessential Quintuplets

anime where couple get married

The tutoring gig back at it again, guess I’ll give it a go myself.

First encounters quite hold an impact, especially if the person you have this fateful encounter with ends up being the one you have to tutor.

Uesugi and Itsuki having the good old school seat fight, sure portrays hate at first sight if there’s ever one.

But uesugi needs money because of the condition of the poor boy’s household and being offered a tutor position for a fortune isn’t an opportunity even a celebrity would let go by that easily.

Nevertheless, some things are just not included in the contract now, are they?

The scammer whatever you want to call it, is still in play and Uesugi soon discovers that he won’t be tutoring Itsuki alone, her 4 sisters come together as a package.

But they’re all hot so who gives a…

  1. Tonikaku Kawaii

anime where couple get married

Number 1 on anime where couple get married list is none other than Tonikaku Kawaii.

In case someone is wondering how the dating culture here is in the SEA, this anime gives you the perfect example if there’s one.

Being together only if marriage is guaranteed.

But jokes aside, this anime was so beautiful, so captivating that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

For the romance that the two characters had was just unlike anything else, all that was made even sweeter by the animation and music with the sheer determination and true love at first sight.

Being brought fresh after a long time.

It’s safe to say that Tonikaku Kawaii is one of the best romance titles, the worst year ever aka 2020 had to offer and despite being all cooped up in our homes the whole year.

It showed us that there’s still hope even when you’re on the respirator, don’t hesitate to propose to the girl you have feelings for.

But dating with covid at the time, I’m pretty sure the virus would get super jealous.

And there you have it, these are our top picks of the top 10 anime where the couple gets married!

Tell me in the comments which one’s your favorite and why, since I’d love to hear your opinions.

See you in the next post!


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