Top 10 Most Unheard Anime Where The MC Is Anti-social & Badass!

Today we will be discussing about the top 10 most unheard anime where the MC is anti-social & badass.

Not all anime main characters are supposed to be happy and go lucky all the time.

Sometimes the characters are just too bored or tired and want to keep to themselves.

This is why today we’ll talk about the top 10 anime where the mc is an anti-social badass!

So before we begin, beware for the following spoilers.

Here’s The Top 10 Most Unheard Anime Where The Badass MC Is Antisocial:

  1. Sankarea

anime where mc is antisocial

What could spell anti-social more than a guy that keeps to himself, stays by his lonesome, owns a cat and is obsessed with zombies?

After the death of his cat in an accident, he tries everything to create a potion to resurrect it, accidentally causing the neighbor’s girl to drink the potion he made.

At first nothing happened, but after the girl died, she was instantly resurrected as a zombie.

His dream of having an undead girlfriend is a reality!

So how will he cope with the new changes to his life?

  1. Kujira No Kora Wa Sajou Ni Utau

The mud whales are divided into two parts, the marked ones and the unmarked.

Those marked have telekinetic powers forming 90 of the population, but sadly are cursed with short lives that end like a flash.

Living in such a utopian society, these people grow anti-social and numb to the pain of loss and fare well.

Chakuro is even more numb than all of them as he hates the whale and how confined it is.

He dreams of exploration and leaving the whale, only to stumble on a weird girl called Lykos

that puts being kuderei to shame.

  1. Hyouka

“I don’t do anything I don’t have to, what I have to do, I do quickly”

This is the life motto of the unenthusiastic young boy by the name of Oreki Houtarou.

He’s the type of guy that’s hard to make friends with and is someone who is not keen on joining clubs to play sports or socializing.

Despite this, he’s very intelligent and observant of the tiniest events as well as having an insightful intuition.

After joining the club reluctantly insisted on by his elder sister, the mysteries, fun and hyoko stories begin!

Him joining the club changes his life forever and flips everything upside down as his life becomes intertwined with the most curious girl in the school that has too much energy to spare, in short his polar opposite in everything.

Watching them interact and solve mysteries is a sight for sore eyes.

They’re fun and quite serious, the anime overall is a masterpiece if I dare say so myself!

  1. Handa-Kun

anime where mc is antisocial

Damn! This guy’s life is just too damn tough and hard.

We all know how tough high school can be and all the problems it brings with it, but this kid

doesn’t even have a single friend and is hated by the whole school to the point they bully him or that’s what the idiot thinks.

In truth, they all revere and respect him so much, thinking highly of him and would love to befriend him.

He’s just too anti-social and awkward and crows to the point he thinks them approaching him is actually bullying and decides to shut himself off from everyone around him.

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  1. No Game No Life

The best example you can get about someone anti-social can be summed up in a gamer that spends all his time playing video games and living in his mother’s basement.

Well in this case, the shut-in gamer isn’t one but two, an overprotective brother and younger sister for that matter.

They are the best gamers out there and the most cunning of them all, they’re so famous to the point they’re transported to a new world just for the purpose of winning mind games against their adversaries.

And Win? They do!

I mean seriously, they’re just too good to lose, it almost feels like cheating.

  1. Trickster

anime where mc is antisocial

Edogawa Ranpo “My only wish is to die”

This sentence can sum up what rampo edogawa feels and wants.

All he wishes for is to find eternal peace and death, one small problem though, he’s immortal.

His wish and dream can never come true because of his power, that’s why he joins the detective’s club as they promise him to find a cure for his immortality.

He’s anti-social to a fault and hates being in crowds.

However, maybe being around friends from the club is exactly what he needs to put his anti-social attitude aside and someday probably his wish to die will change.

  1. The Kubikiri Cycle

anime where mc is antisocial

When a series of murders are carried out mysteriously in the place you are, the last thing you’ll think of is being friendly and social to others.

The unnamed MC puts it upon himself to find the killer hiding in plain sight, unaware of everyone around him.

This style of murder mystery show reminds me of Danganropa, in a way, but of course not as good as it.

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  1. Jormungand

How cold and antisocial can a character really be?

Well, in this show, she’s as cold as dry ice, maybe even more.

As the number one on the one to dead or alive list of the CIA and FBI, this enigmatic character always manages to outwit everyone around her and show them just how feeble they are and well, more like insects to her.

She’s a genius prodigy that has a plan that could possibly kill millions in order to save millions and she’s prepared to pay whatever price to see that her plan sees the light of day!

  1. Kimi Ni Todoke

anime where mc is antisocial

Well, technically this girl isn’t anti-social or even tries to be, so it’s just that she looks exactly like Sarako, the girl from The Ring horror movie that everyone gets scared off by her easily.

Even when she tries to gather up the courage and talk to others or help them, all she receives in return is the word “we’re sorry” and students screaming in fear as they run from her.

Will she remain forever the cause of a lot of fear for the students or maybe someone will change something in her?

  1. My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected

anime where mc is antisocial

Talk about antisocial and cold, this kid takes the cake for the day!

He’s apathetic, narcissistic and a tad bit nihilistic. Believing that being young and the joy of youth is just a bunch of crap and lies we tell ourselves and he doesn’t want anything to do with it.

After writing an essay that angered his teacher, she sends him off to join a club in his school with the sole purpose of helping students with their problems and finding solutions for their issues.

Moreover, the only one in said club is none other than the school’s ice queen, a weird combo if you ask me.

And with this, we conclude our article on today’s topic, i.e, Top 10 Most Unheard Anime Where The Badass MC Is Antisocial

If you enjoyed this list, I want you to comment down your favourite anime from the list or if you’re planning to watch any of them.

And if you have any suggestions place them in the comments as well!

See you in the next post!


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