Top 10 New Isekai & Fantasy Anime You Need To Watch In 2021!

As we begin to enter the next generation of anime, we slowly start to see more and more exciting new ideas and concepts emerging from our favorite isekai and fantasy genres.

We’re seeing anime that are really looking to push the boundaries!

So today we’re not looking back but looking forward to some of the best new isekai and fantasy anime from the summer of 2021

Stay tuned and make sure you read till the end, because you do not want to miss out on these brand new releases!

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into the list.

Here are the Top 10 New Isekai and Fantasy Anime You Need To Watch in 2021:

  1. The Dungeon Of The Black Company

isekai fantasy anime 2021

Although, decently long-running manga, the anime only really kicked off recently and has made huge waves across the anime community.

This series is pretty hyped and from the very few episodes we’ve seen so far, we guarantee that it’s as good as the manga, a must watch for sure!

We follow Kinji Ninomiya, a useless, neat, not learning anything.

Not training, not employed and absolutely lazy, waster.

But kinji’s life is not so bad, he actually saved enough money through real estate investments to pay for a penthouse lifestyle without having to do a single day of work.

But the story really kicks off when our hero finds himself transported to a fantasy world where he can no longer enjoy that carefree lifestyle.

And is forced to work for a mining company, doing hard labor in a dangerous dungeon.

Desperate to escape and regain that financial stability and carefree life he once had, kinji work his hardest in an attempt to rise up the ranks and start relaxing once more.

Joined by an interesting cast of characters, the dungeon of the black company is a series not quite like any other isekai anime and one that you need to check out!

  1. Banished From The Hero’s Party

isekai fantasy anime 2021

Yet another brilliantly fresh take from the classic isekai and fantasy genre.

This long-running manga is finally getting turned into a seriously hyped-up anime series.

With a lot of backstory from numerous light novels and manga series, the anime has a lot to work with and we can hardly wait to see what happens.

The series itself is about Red, a member of the hero’s party.

One of the many powerful members that were destined to save the entire planet from an evil and powerful demon lord.

The story kicks off with our MC getting kicked out of the party and this anime only gets funnier from there.

Red is initially pretty shocked by this, what is an adventurer supposed to do if he can’t adventure.

Well Red decides to use this opportunity to set up a little shop, keeping his life and true backstory a secret.

But a beautiful girl from his past shows up and moves into his house, threatening the new life that our hero is trying to build.

Funny, romantic, light-hearted and absolutely brilliant anime series with a fun take on the classic fantasy anime genre!

  1. Peach Boy Riverside

isekai fantasy anime 2021

It is hard not to get pumped up for Peach Boy Riverside.

Starting off as a simple web manga, the series received an official manga adaptation and is now finally out as an actual anime series.

And one that certainly lived up to all our expectations!

We follow a princess by the name of Saltherine or Sally for short.

Living her peaceful life deep within the safety of the castle walls, loved by most, she soon becomes bored of her safe little castle and countryside life.

Until one day, when a vicious horde of demons comes knocking at her door with her castle under attack, she has no idea what to do.

Fortunately, her town is saved by a mysterious lone traveler by the name of Kibitsu Mikoto.

Slaying these monsters effortlessly, Sally is shocked by how vicious and grim the world outside is and is determined to learn more about it.

Setting off on an epic adventure with this mysterious and strange traveler.

It soon becomes apparent that the fate of this mythical fantasy realm rests on her shoulders, as her harmless adventure soon becomes more and more important and vital to the safety of her world!

  1. I’m Standing On A Million Lives

isekai fantasy anime 2021

A brilliant isekai anime that shakes up the genre in a fresh new way.

An awesome watch so far, that really does justice to the manga.

We are enjoying the arcs and cannot wait to see what’s next!

Following Yuusuke Yotsuya, an anti-social and extremely selfish MC, a serious hatred of other people, society and even himself.

A survivalist that is more of a psychopath than anything else, that is actually forced to do good.

It is seriously rare that you come across an MC this original and interesting.

Yuusuke had us on the edge of our seats because we had no idea what he’d be doing next.

The story itself has our MC and his classmates transported to a magical isekai realm that is filled with a number of strange and interesting mythological creatures.

Upon arriving Yuusuke meets this godlike entity called the Game Master that gives the adventurers a quest.

Giving each of our adventurers some special magical abilities.

A warrior, a magician and a farmer, an awesome adventure with some seriously action-packed fight scenes.

But a clear humorous undertone, I’m standing on a million lives walks the line between serious and seriously funny.

Quite unlike any other anime we’ve ever seen!

  1. Yasuke

isekai fantasy anime 2021

Most historical anime try to be authentic and realistic, reflecting a gritty and unflinching look.

And what life used to be and the issues with kings and kingdoms.

Yasuke throws that all out the window, loosely basing itself on the famous African warrior that served in japan in the time of samurais.

An absolute awesome mix of historical and science fantasy with some absolute slick animation and samurai battle scenes.

There is very little not to love about Yasuke.

A fun mix of magic and super futuristic technology!

We follow Yasuke witnessing demon lords and the crumbling of empires, but the story does not set itself across Yasuke’s prime.

It chooses to focus on 20 years after his prime, as the legendary Ronin looks to put his gritty past behind him.

Encountering a singer and her daughter at a local bar, Yasuke offers to protect them and takes her sick daughter to see a special doctor.

But of course, his history catches up with him and our hero slowly finds himself dragged into a world of ultra violence conquerors of japan and a battle against demons and a peculiar supernatural force.

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  1. I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years

isekai manga with badass mc

A really fun isekai series that has seen a great deal of success across many light novels and manga series.

As finally rewarded fans with a highly anticipated anime series that is definitely worth watching with some lovable characters and an interesting plot.

There is little to criticize with this nearly flawless anime series.

Following Azusa living her painful life as an office worker, our hero finds herself reincarnated as an immortal and extremely powerful witch in a magical isekai world.

Vowing to live a carefree, stress-free and pleasant existence, she spends her time hunting slimes, the easiest targets.

But centuries soon pass and we realize that azusa is no longer as low-leveled as she used to be.

Our MC has become insanely overpowered and can no longer maintain her simple and secretive lifestyle.

Soon forced out her simple and easy lifestyle and dragged into an unnecessarily complex and stressful situation.

From random adventurers looking to join her on adventures, she does not want to take on challengers looking to prove themselves and defeat Azusa in battle.

Some awesome action scenes that are split up with some legitimately heartfelt and emotionally driven scenes.

A brilliant series with a fantastic cast and some engaging arcs, you do not want to miss out on this!

  1. Shaman King

isekai fantasy anime 2021

Some of you anime veterans out there should already have heard about some of the biggest news out in the anime world this year.

That’s right, one of the greatest series is getting a new season.

The last time we watched the Shaman King anime was in 2002 and we’re finally getting a new season in 2021.

An extremely successful and long-running manga series.

This may not be as famous or as well known as many, but Shaman King is one of the finest adventure fantasy anime out there!

Following the adventures of Yoh Asakura, a young boy on a quest to prove his abilities and become the shaman king.

The only way to become the true shaman king, is to win the shaman fight.

An epic series of battles that is only held once every 500 years between shamans!

Intensely heavy and taxing training.

Our young hero travels this fantasy world in order to improve his skills and get ready for the final fight.

With an awesome cast of characters, some interesting twists and turns along the way and brilliant fight scenes.

We really hope that shaman king is here to stay this time around!

  1. Uzumaki

isekai fantasy anime 2021

There are few anime series quite like Uzumaki.

True horror is something that is extremely hard to find these days.

And uzumaki focuses on an interesting blend of the supernatural, dark fantasy and some absolutely twisted psychological horror in order to really scare its viewers!

Starting off as a seriously old manga series, Uzumaki has since seen a live action film and an anime series that is set to release soon but with rumors of it being delayed.

Seriously, we’ve been excited for Uzumaki for a while now and if it gets delayed once more, I really don’t know what to say.

In the meanwhile, we really recommend you check out the manga, it’s seriously brilliant!

Following a high score in a small and strange japanese town, that is cursed by some absolutely twisted and horrifying supernatural events.

We slowly start to learn more and more about these strange events and how they possess and twist the unassuming villagers.

Interesting with a brilliant atmosphere, it is hard to find a truly scary anime and manga series.

And there are very few that do it better than Uzumaki.

  1. Edens Zero

isekai fantasy anime 2021

An absolutely brilliant and captivating sense of adventure and fun.

Edens Zero brings forward an exciting sense of adventure with a brilliant science and fantasy setting.

Alongside some interesting characters and an engaging MC.

Edens zero throws these lovable characters in some pretty original and unique situations that’ll have you excited for more!

Set in a fictional universe that is filled with humans, aliens and intelligent robots.

Most inhabitants of this universe travel from planet to planet and cosmos to cosmos.

Each planet is greatly different from one another and combines a unique blend of futuristic elements with some interesting fantasy elements.

We’re talking awesome beasts like cybernetic dragons to a planet eating beast called the Chronophage, that rewinds time and creates alternate histories without causing time paradoxes.

Some seriously interesting and thought-provoking stuff that you absolutely need to check out!

  1. To Your Eternity

One of the newer manga that made huge news across the manga scene when it was released.

Finally, out as an isekai anime series that has been universally involved by anime fans from across the planet.

Definitely check out To Your Eternity, you will not regret it!

We follow Fushi, an immortal being that can shift through many forms.

Starting off as a mysterious alien orb, arriving on earth with no emotions, feelings or sense of identity.

Taking on forms ranging from a village boy to a white wolf.

The story of To Your Eternity was actually inspired by the death of the creator’s actual grandmother.

She used the emotions she felt about the passing of her loved one through Fushi.

Emotionally very cold and distant, but slowly develops her personality through her interactions with others.

Well received in both Japan and across the World.

It’s clear to see that To Your Eternity will probably go down as one of the greats and an awesome new fantasy series that you need to check out!

And that’s it for this Isekai and Fantasy Anime List!

I hope you liked reading this article.

And if you think that there is a worthy title that can be added to this Isekai and Fantasy Anime list, then do comment it down!

I’ll see you in the next post!


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