Silent War/ My Kingdom: Manhwa Discussion (This is BS!)

Many people are misinterpreting silent war manhwa.

I don’t want to be that guy that watches/reads hentai for the plot (not talking about oppais) but plot’s good. If you can’t read 177013 (Metamorphosis) your weeb heart is not strong enough.

I will proceed to list all injustices stated online and debunk them.

And if you read to the end, give you reasons why you should read silent war manhwa.

silent war manhwa

Thoughts on Silent War Manhwa:


1. NTR (Minor Spoilers)

Netorase is when the MC’s love interest is cheating or getting ra**d. The Ntr in this manhwa is trivial, sure the MCs highschool crush gets fucked in front of him however, female lead is getting f by her rightful boyfriend so it’s not cheating nor r**e, therefore not Ntr.


2. R**e (Minor Spoilers)

In Ch 1 the teacher gets semi-r**ed by the Redhead. I say semi-r**e because in the chapter, she is willingly going into Redhead’s apartment (like an idiot) and walking to his bedroom.

Redhead then proceeds to say specific wording which indicates they’ve had s*x before and the only reason she refuses is because redhead’s whole gang is outside the room.

This leads me to believe that she only refused because of the people outside the room. (To make this more convincing I know that I’ve completely undermined r**e as semi r**e and all the white knight are going to put me on blast so please forgive me)


3. Pro’s and Spoilers

MC: What are the characteristics that distinguish and make this mc a good character? 

This MC starts off as 1st season Kaneki Ken and continues to evolve to a season 4 Eren Yager (Read the Manga), just not as cold.

Hyun the MC has top tier character development, going from a submissive simp to a manipulative yet courageous simp.

Girls: None of the girls in the manhwa are virgins and some are prostitutes, each is fleshed out and has her own reason for prostitution.

The first season, Mc gets a lot of crap but after ch 52, he becomes a whole different person, so at least read till that part.

He gives all the girls a safe and happy place which most are lacking.


Basically, this manhwa is about how MC steals the redhead’s kingdom, girls, and breaks him mentally, with some hentai on top.

Oh, and art is top tier! So I suggest you give it a shot.

In a weeb’s life, he/she goes through many stages.

First the discovery of anime which translates to caterpillar, eventually when you find hentai and have watched most of the mainstream anime.

You will then move on to manga, which is stage 2 (cacoon).

Stage 3 is when you find light novels and doujinshis (by then you have become a stronger individual and are now a butterfly).

Although a butterfly, you still can’t handle r**e or NTR (can’t read Metamorphosis).

This is when your 4th form takes place where your Zanpakuto evolves and becomes one with its owner (a bare minimum of weeb have transcended to reach this level).

Most of the people commenting online are stage 3.

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