19 Best Anime Where MC Hides His Powers at School!

Today I will be recommending you the 19 best anime where the MC hides his powers at school.

So, it’s kind of like a backwards OP list where the MC doesn’t like to flex. And hopefully in this list you’ll find your new favorite show.

Let’s get started with the Top 19 Anime Where MC Hides his Powers at school.

Here are the 19 Best Anime Where MC Hides His Powers at School:

19. Buso Renkin

MC hides his powers

The story begins when a high school student is killed one night saving a mysterious girl from a monster, only to wake up in his school dorm, believing it to have been a dream. I don’t know about you but i have died in my dream several times and i can confirm it sucks.

However, it doesn’t suck as much as finding out that the dream wasn’t a dream at all because, you see when a giant ass worm attacks you and your sister you gotta know you are screwed.

Especially, when you find out that you died in real life, but you got revived by placing a Kakugane medallion in your chest.

Serving as a replacement heart, such as the story where MC hides his powers at school, now has to join in the fight alongside the girl he saved against the homunculi aka monsters and their master.

18. Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation (TV Series) (2016) - Filmaffinity

In the year 2027, the video game Phantasy Star Online 2 is all the rage at Seiga Academy. Every student is on board except for Itsuki Tachibana, a well-rounded student who doesn’t play video games, huh guess the MC doesn’t get invited to parties much.

The game is currently under review at boomer academy to see if it has quote unquote negative impact on the students..

Consequently, this causes Itsuki to catch the attention of a hot female gamer who happens to be the student council president. She aims to prove that the game is not to blame and to do that, she makes our not gamer MC the new student council vice president.

And, tasked him to learn playing the game while keeping his grades up and to that.

17. Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?

MC hides his powers

The story follows a first year high school student who is faced with finding a cheap place to live by himself. So, naturally he goes for the cheapest option.

Everything goes well at first until he gets visited by various seemingly mythical figures, all of whom claim ownership over the poor student’s apartment.

Among the invaders, there are two annoying lollies, one is a ghost, the second is an alien princess as well as a busty magical girl, who is a direct descendant of the earth people.

So, what all this has to do with the subject of the Anime, well i can’t tell you because of spoilers, but I can say almost all harem kings have a special hidden power in them besides being dense of course.

16. Dokyuu Hentai Hxeros

Super HxEros (2020)

Five years ago, alien beings invaded the world their plan to take over earth while gradually wiping out the human race, involves taking away humanity’s sexual drive using various methods and letting them die out.

Now, before we continue let me just say that this is by far the evilest plan in movie or anime history.

I mean vanquishing the horny, that’s downright cruel. Imagine waking up with no morning wood to annoy you it would be pog but I’m afraid that people fail to appreciate the little things until they are lost.

But enough with this horny conkers all speech, back to the show. In response to the alien scheme the Hxeros device was developed.

A powerful weapon that only those with high levels of erotic energy can utilize at its maximum capacity. And who has more big pp energy than a high schooler harboring an immense hatred toward the aliens.

He gets to live in a houseful of lustful girls, human kind couldn’t be safer, and before you comment what kind of degenerate lame show is that. I ask, What did you expect from a show with the word hentai in the title?

15. Noblesse

MC hides his powers

After hundreds of years the MC, who is according to the Loyard not a vampire wakes up from his slumber in modern day Japan.

Out of touch, he enrolls to a high school that his servant Frankenstein directs, at first it all seemed good and dandy until a mysterious organization kidnapped the MC’s new friends.

As we all know, in Anime that’s a Big No-No. So, naturally the emo boy tries to save them but, he needs to keep his identity a secret from the rest of the school. PS two episodes aired before the tv series one is a “Ova” that aired way back in 2015, and the other is “Owner” that aired in 2016.

I guess, it wouldn’t hurt to visit them even if you already finished the tv series.

14. Aesthetica of Rogue Hero 

MC hides his powers

In the middle, there is Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero, the story follows a guy known as “The Rogue Hero”.

While living in a fantasy world, our boy was having a peaceful life until, he threw it away to face new challenges by returning to earth after defeating a demon lord in the parallel world, where he was living.

When he came back to earth, our rogue boy brought along with him, the daughter of the demon king he defeated and now he is forced to hide her true identity by having her pose as his little sister in Babel.

It is a special school designed for those who have acquired special abilities and magical powers through their journey to a fantasy world.

Reasons why this is a good show despite the relatively low rating and the bad reviews. One, big booba two, thick thighs three, nice booty shots four, and the occasional midriff shot.

13. Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic! (TV Series 2002– ) - IMDb

Here, we have a classic Full Metal Panic equipped with cutting-edge weaponry and specialized troops. A private military organization strives to extinguish all threats to peace on Earth, a member of that group is the 17 years old Sergeant Sagara.

Our MC has been assigned to protect a special blue haired babe and to do that, he must join her high school class and be as close to her as possible to prevent her from falling into enemy hands.

In other words, this 17 year old boy who got raised on the battlefield with very little knowledge about the average high school student’s lifestyle and socializing must safely blend in with his classmates. So, yes the MC hides his powers at school, which is needless to say.

12. The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School (TV Series 2014– ) - IMDb

At number three, we have The Irregular at Magic High School, the story follows Tatsuya the chill MC hides his powers at school and his sibling they enroll in first high school and institution for magicians upon taking the exam.

The hot sibling is placed in the first course aka the winners course while the MC is relegated to the second course aka the losers course.

However, even though captain Ice’s practical test scores were low, magic wise he still possesses, extraordinary technical knowledge physical combat capabilities and unique magic techniques. Making Tatsuya an OP god.

11. Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, Vol. 25 eBook by Hiroshi Shiibashi -  9781421582269 | Rakuten Kobo

This is my personal favorite, Nura: Rise of the Yokai ClanRikua Nura apart Yokai apart human boy, grew up as the young master of the Nura clan. Comprising Yokai of all shapes and sizes, Rikua treated the clan like family.

However, he learned that, he was the only one among his classmates who saw them in this light. And, to the most they were terrifying creatures of folklore that ate children and relished in blood shed. Taking this to heart, he swore to live his life as a normal human.

However, to protect his friends from rival Yokai and other entities threats Rikua must acknowledge his ancestry, that he is the grandson of the legendary Nura  Rihyon.

Now here’s the thing, this show begins okay and gets better with every other episode. It has nice action and comedy scenes the art style complements some epic moments which happens more often in season two. My only request from you, if you decide to pick up the show give the dub a chance.

10. Talentless Nana

Talentless Nana (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

At number one, is the recent anime on this list Talentless Nana, aired in the fall season of 2020. Among us the animation takes place in the far future where teenagers is gifted with supernatural abilities called talents.

Hone their powers at an academy on a secluded island.

However, everything changes when two transfer students join, one is a mysterious white hair edge boy and the other is a mind reading pink hair girl, who gives a sakura vibes but in actuality, she’s far from being a sakura.

9. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online (TV Series 2012– ) - IMDb

Kirito is often listed as one of the most powerful characters but he doesn’t actually have any powers. All his abilities are just about how good he is at playing very realistic games, few if any translates into real life so he is not nearly as skillful in the real world, as he is in the game.

Kirito never brags about or announces any of his skills, levels, accomplishments or game actions and actually hides his stats so, people do not hassle him about being a cheater.

Though, many people are aware of who he is, he downplays himself so much, that even when his friends meet him you might think that they never suspect, he is a fraction of his skillful self.

On the other hand, he can be a tad obstinate and cocky too which gives him a way. His deeds never seem to spread very far or wide so, his relatively obscure status remains mostly intact in the gaming world.

If anything, he is often thought of as a myth or a legend as is implied a few times mostly by his enemies who remember him.

8. Seraph of the End

Owari no serafu (TV Series 2015) - IMDb

This is a fairly violent and bloody anime, yet it’s not filled with pointless gruesome events just for the purpose of previously having them like some whacked shoes.

It presents the first series of tragic and violent occurrences as part of a background story which sets up the whole series itself and how and why it all happened.

Yet, you are still left with some mystery, it’s a sort of action horror mixed with a little magic. It’s hard to say much without giving too much away, but it has a nice season one closing episode which will leave you wanting more overall Seraph of the End is an excellent masterpiece, that will hook you from the start.

7. Tokko

MC hides his powers

Tokko is a discreet unit and hidden in plain sight, it has elements of surf of the end and Tokyo goo, but with older adult characters and a sharper script.

Ranmaru has nightmares and a secret about himself even he doesn’t realize at first, it makes his action in horror well.

The series is short at 13 episodes, but is a surprise gem that will make it worth a viewing or two, Tokko is a nice action series which suffers from a lot of things, yet despite all flaws pointed out above. It’s still a nice action horror series and i really enjoyed parts of it.

6. Tower of God

Tower Of God Anime Discount, 55% OFF | blog.ceo.org.pl

In Tower of God more than one character qualifies, however, some of their obsessions totally bring them down. There is so much backstabbing conspiracy and planned strategies involved, it gets more dizzying than the spinning top right at an amusement park.

The story revolves around a tower that summons selected people called “Regulars” and promises to fulfill their deepest desires, wealth, fame, prestige or something that surpasses them, all await those who reach the top.

Twenty-Fifth Bam is a boy who only knows dark caves dirty towels and lights that cannot be accessed through out his life. When a girl named Rachel comes to him through the light, his whole world changes.

He then became close friends with Rachel and learned various things about the outside world from her. But when she said, she had to let him go so, she could climb the tower.

The world fell around him, he then promised to follow it no matter what happened. Hence, while staring at the tower.

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5. Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World

MC hides his powers

Subaru Natsuki’s power is technically hidden because, he is not fully aware himself of what exactly his powers is or where they come from.

Not only that, but no one else knows about it and he can’t tell anyone either even if he wanted to which makes his power pretty hidden from all.

I place it at fifth because, his power is not quite as obvious as others and though pretty impressive.

It has limited uses given for example, how many times he often has to relive things before he gets it right. I placed it higher than others, however because of the intense drama and how much power including his plays apart in the story.

4. Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao (TV Mini Series 2010) - IMDb

Akuto Sai himself does not know, he even has hidden skills at first and even after being told, he is both in-denial and doubt that he has either the incarnation or the power he is accused of having for being who he is.

Everyone at the school soon learns of his identity and power, but often still tries to challenge him.

His power is really only hidden at first from even himself and some what in later episodes, due to some doubts. He is either of that nature, or is actually who he has been accused of being.

Demon King Daimao is all about justice being done, with magic and a harem of girls this anime is for a mature audience only, but it’s a really fun time overall.

It was enjoyable to watch but, this anime is a perfect example of why it’s so difficult to make a good anime in just 12 episodes. The plot was mediocre and there was a lot of confusing holes in many of the scenes that never got answered.

3. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

MC hides his powers

At number three of the list of MC wo hides his powers. Technically Ryner’s powers are sort of a national secret, yet he never looks very threatening and his bumbling personality does nothing to make others suspect. He is hiding more than his mere weakness and run-of-the-mill magician outfit suggests.

Though other characters have some unique abilities, it is mostly all about keeping Ryner’s power from being known at large around the world.

This is likely in part, due to his best friend’s positions of power on the world stage might incur more trouble than it’s worth if it were known.

So, here MC hides his powers at school but with a strong need to keep said abilities under wraps despite such flaws the Legend of the Legendary Heroes remains an excellent fantasy anime series, the story is well done, the characters are thoroughly interesting and adopt shades of grey instead of black and white and every episode is as enjoyable as the previous one.

2. Sands of Destruction

Sands of Destruction (TV Series 2008– ) - IMDb

This is one of the best of the list where the MC hides his powers at school. It has enough fore shadowing that you may figure out there is far more to one or more characters than meets the eye well before the big reveal. As far as, hidden powers go this anime must be at or near the top of any good list.

It has a good shock surprise, that will make you smile having found a good hidden power anime with an even better surprise ending twist.

The story begins with an intro from a small bear like creature, the bartender brings up a main focus of the series, which is the world destruction committee.

We see our main protagonist Illunis Kyrie, a beast man working in a local restaurant. It seems to have a negative outlook on world destruction, he gets chewed out for bringing the wrong order for a customer.

This is our second MC Asherah Morte, he is presumed to be part of the world destruction committee, but is actually just someone who wants to destroy the world.

1. Mob Psycho 100

MC hides his powers

This anime stands at number one, where MC hides his powers at school at first. Mob Psycho 100, anime series focuses on the 8th grader OP MC Sheigo “Mob” Kageyama who has tapped into his inner well spring of psychic prowess at a young age. But the power quickly proves to be a liability when he realizes the potential danger of his skills.

Choosing to suppress his power, Mob’s only present use for his abilities is to impress his longtime crush, Tsubomi who soon grows bored of the same tricks.

In order to effectuate control of his skills, Mob enlists himself under the wing of Arataka Reigen, a con artist claiming to be a psychic who exploits Mob’s powers for pocket change.

Now, exercising evil spirits on command he has become a part of Mob’s daily monotonous life.

However, this psychic energy he exerts is barely the tip of the ice berg, if his vast potential and unrestrained emotions run berserk. A cataclysmic event would render him completely unrecognizable will be triggered.

As a result, the progression towards Mob’s explosion is rising and attempting to stop is futile.


Hope you enjoyed your time and may be found new shows to binge watch.

So, that’s all for the day. If I missed any worthy Anime which should have been a part of this list, then let me know in the comments please.

Thank you for reading till the end!


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