20 Of The Best Harem Anime Where MC is Surrounded by Girls!

Harem is perhaps the most maligned genre in anime!

And admittedly, it isn’t terribly difficult to see why.

Far too often, harem anime are home to some of the most annoying, embarrassing and most often seen tropes in the medium.

Even the concept of it is ridiculous, a bunch of gorgeous, mega talented women constantly chasing after a single mediocre guy, it doesn’t even seem like that sweet a gig.

The guy rarely starts a relationship with any of them, unless it’s at the end, and even looking mildly interested results in one of the ladies assaulting him.

Hey there anime fanatics, hope you’re having a good time!

Today we’re going to be discussing some of the best harem anime where the main character simply can’t catch a break.

Of course this list is just my opinions and not ranked in any particular order.

Today’s blog will either make you feel extremely jealous or very lucky.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Here are 20 Of The Best Harem Anime Where MC is Surrounded by Girls:


20. Outbreak Company

harem anime

What happens when an otaku is kidnapped by the Japanese government and made to go to an entirely different world?

That’s what “Shinichi Kanou” is forced to figure out in Outbreak Company.

After he makes an attempt to stop being a shut-in, Shinichi winds up in the Eldant Empire, a land with elves, dwarves and Dragons.

It sounds absurd, but Shinichi is asked to bring otaku culture to this new land, which results in him forming his own group to explain all the ways of being a geek.

With all his vast knowledge of anime and videogames serving him in a way he could never have imagined.


19. Shomin Sample

harem anime

Coming up first we have “Showmin Sample”

“Kimito kagurazaka” is your average high school going teenager.

That is, until he’s flung into an elite all girls high school, after being kidnapped by the school’s authorities.

You see, the girls in this school, although, belonging to a noble stature, are absolutely clueless when it comes to operating socially in the outside world.

To counter this, Kimito was brought in as a common man to show them the ways of the world.

However, the school only kidnapped him thinking he’s homosexual and has a muscle fetish.

Needless to say, they made quite the mistake.

He soon learns that if the truth comes out, he’d either be castrated or exiled, poor guy!

To avoid castration or permanently living far off, he realizes that he has no choice but to cooperate.

Lucky for him, “Aika Tenkubashi” a timid girl who’s shy, curious and stubborn crosses paths with him, along with a bunch of other cute girls, including a young genius, the daughter of a samurai and the perfect student.

18. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

harem anime

Airing in 2018, “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord” follows a young man named “Takuma Sakamoto”

A shut-in obsessed with video games.

Takuma is teleported to a world that looks like his favorite game, the MMO “Cross Reverie”

There he suddenly looks like his character, the Demon King Diablo.

Takuma is initially meant to become the slave of the two women who summoned him to their world.

Unfortunately for them, they botched the spell and wind up becoming enslaved to him instead.

Now the three of them must travel together while figuring out how to undo what they’ve done to themselves.


17. Juuou Mujin no Fafnir


And up next we have “Juuou Mujin no Fafnir”

This one’s particularly interesting.

It consists of action, romance, and fantasy and of course, dragons!

To break it down, the plot takes place in Midgar, an all-girls academy that has more going on than meets the eye.

Exclusively training girls known as the Ds.

These cute girls are able to manipulate dark matter and use it as weaponry.

The Ds have a connection with dragons, who mysteriously disappeared as soon as they appeared.

25 years ago, “Yuu Mononobe” the only known male D, is forcibly enrolled into this school against his will.

Popular throughout the school, he must now focus on establishing a healthy dynamic with the Ds around him in order to investigate the mysterious dragons and whether they pose a threat to mankind or not.

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16. Strike the Blood

harem anime

“Akatsuki Kojo” was a high school student on Itogami Island.

But after an unfortunate encounter, he discovers he’s not only a vampire but the Fourth Progenitor, a vampire with incredible abilities.

Because of this, a Sword Shaman named “Yukina Himeragi” is sent to look after him.

And take him out if he becomes too dangerous.

Sadly, things are never quite that simple, and Himeragi winds up working alongside Kojo to help protect the city they both live on from a number of rapidly emerging threats.


15. Shuffle!

Now the following one has a bit of everything.

It’s a fun-filled harem with demons, comedy, drama and romance.

Its name is “Shuffle”

In a world where gods and demons coexist with humans, “Tsuchimi Rin” is a high school student attending the burner academy.

Who prefers to live his life peacefully with his childhood friend “Kaede”.

Unfortunately, this peace comes to an unexpected and smashing end when the king of gods, king of demons and their families move into the neighbourhood.

And become Rin’s next-door neighbours.

Things don’t seem to get better for Rin as both the daughter of gods “Sia” and the daughter of demons “Nerine” are smitten by him by having met him in the past.

Talking about having a deal with not one but two angry supernatural girls, not only this but he also has to deal with his Senpai “Asa”

Another cute but quiet girl known as “Primula”

With so much on his plate, Rin is most certainly a busy guy!


14. Campione!

harem anime

Created in 2012 and animated by the studio “Diomedea”, Campione has one of the strangest settings for a harem anime series.

When 16 year old “Kusanagi Godou” manages to beat the God of War in combat, he becomes known as the “God Slayer” or “Campione”

Because of this, his job is now beating any heretical gods who happen to get out of line.

However, this change has also lead to him gaining a group of all-female worshippers who are meant to help him with his job.

But also seemed to have an interest in certain other activities as well!


13. Hajimete no Gal

Have you ever thought what it’d be like to have a fashionable gal girlfriend?

Well the protagonist of this series doesn’t have to keep on guessing.

Hajime no Gal is a story that takes place in the life of an average high school student.

It has elements of comedy, shonen and romance.

“Junichi Hashiba” has to suffer watching his friends get in relationships, while he cannot find a single girl to become his girlfriend.

Out of nowhere, his single friends force him into confessing his feelings for “Yukana Yame” a gal at the school.

Outspoken, trendy and smart, she figures out Junichi’s desperation and true intentions fairly quickly.

Regardless she agrees to become his girlfriend, as is the case whenever you get into a relationship, he suddenly finds himself attracting a lot of female attention from all around.

Including from his childhood friend and neighbour “Nene”, Yukana’s gal friend “Ranko” and the school’s Madonna named “Yui”


12. Haganai

harem anime

“Haganai” was created in 2012 as one of studio AIC Build’s projects.

The series has a surprisingly relatable premise, as the lead character “Kodaka” finds out he’s transferring to a new school and wants to do his best to get people to like him so he can finally make some friends.

Unfortunately, everyone immediately assumes he’s more of a bully and delinquent, leaving him lonely until he meets “Yozora Mikazuki” while she is randomly talking to her imaginary friend in a classroom by herself.

Together they form the neighbors Club, a group for people who don’t have friends where they learn social skills and how to fit in among other people.

11. Oreshura

Next up we have “Oreshura”

Oreshura, also known as my girlfriend and childhood friend fight too much.

It takes place in an average high school; the associated genres are comedy, romance, harem and school.

“Eita Kidou’s” ambitions are as high as they can get.

With his eyes set on a medical scholarship, he enters high school.

However, unlike most other students around him, Kidou prefers nothing to do with romance.

Due to his parent’s infidelity, his view on love and romance is completely broken.

He has no faith in it whatsoever.

Romance, however, has other plans for him.

One day, he’s asked out by the school’s most sought after beauty “Masuzu Natsukawa”

It turns out it’s a mere ploy by her to avoid unwanted attention at school from others.

Eita is hesitant, as he absolutely doesn’t wish to get involved in a romantic relationship with anyone.

He refuses.

But then the cunning beauty ends up blackmailing him into submission.

As the news spreads, Eita finds himself entangled in a tug of war.

Relationships are a lot of work, but pretend ones; oh boy that’s a whole another story!

As if it wasn’t bad enough for him, he finds himself in further hot water as his childhood friend “Chiwa Harusaki” has also harboured feelings for him.

She grows jealous of Eita’s new relationship and pursues his affections.

To think, all he ever wanted was to study in peace and become a doctor!


10. Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches

Introduced in 2015 and animated by Studio “LIDENFILMS”

Yamada-Kun involves as a typical story.

A young kid “Ryuu Yamada” goes to high school, starts getting into a bunch of fights then meets a girl.

The two of them kiss on accident and discover they can switch bodies.

You know, the standard stuff!

Things take a left turn when Yamada and the girl “Urara Shiraishi” join the supernatural Studies Club.

There they learn of the seven witches of Suzaku High and decide to try and find all of them.

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9. Hitsugi no Chaika

harem anime

The upcoming one is fairly brief, as it takes place in a land rife with political intrigue and ravage with war for a while.

Despite having comedic and romantic elements in the mix, it’s a whole different kind of package and a thoroughly enjoyable ride from start to finish.

I’m referring to the much-loved “Hitsugi no Chaica”

“Toru Akura” is a former saboteur from the war that ended five years ago, with the six nation’s alliance coming out victorious against the taboo emperor “Arthur Gaz”

Unfortunately, for Toru it’s not easy settling into peaceful times after centuries of struggle.

He’s unable to find a job where he can apply his fighting skills.

Instead he just spends his time aimlessly wandering and spending his time in taverns.

He also has a sister “Akari Akura” who also happens to be an extremely good fighter.

One day he has a chance encounter with a curious girl, a white-haired wizard, named “Chaika Bogdan”

Appears before him seeking help for her quest, which is to find the scattered remains of her father in order to give him a proper burial.

With Toru and his adoptive sister Akari, they set out for the quest.

Only to be interrupted by the newly formed council of six nations.

If nothing else, Toru at least gets to put his skills to use!


8. Nisekoi

From 2014, Shaft’s “Nisekoi” was one of the more popular series of the winter season it launched in.

The story was about “Raku Ichijou”, a student who happened to be heir to a Yakuza group.

Raku is forced to be in a relationship with “Chitoge Kirisaki”, the daughter of the chief of the American beehive gang, purely to reduce tension between his organization and kirisaki’s.

While they pretend to like one another in public, the truth is they can’t stand each other.

Resulting in them doing their best to avoid having anyone find out, all while having new women show up in Raku’s life.


7. True Tears

And up next we have “True Tears”

This one is a neat mix of comedy, slice-of-life, drama and romance.

Our protagonist “Shinichiro Nakagami” has to live with his crush “Hiromi” after her father’s untimely death.

Ideally, a boon for any guy wanting his crush to live with him, the reality is completely different for Shinichiro.

Hiromi acts nothing like she does at school, instead preferring to cocoon herself up to deal with the trauma she’s faced.

Meanwhile at school, Shinichiro has to deal with a strange new girl “Noe Isurugi” who curses him with misfortune after he teases her.

Man tough luck huh!

Shinichiro also has a pending passion project.

A children’s picture book he’s been writing.

His childhood friends “Aiko Ando” and “Miyokichi Nobuse” also end up as potential candidates for his feelings.

Untangling this mess Shinichiro juggles quite a few problems on a daily basis.

Maybe it’s a good idea not to fantasize about having your crush live under the same roof.

You never know what could go wrong!


6. The World God only Knows

harem anime

The second most popular harem anime series on this list.

“The World God only Knows” started as a product of studio “Manglobe” in 2010, running for three seasons and multiple OVAs and side projects.

The story involves “Keima Katsuragi”, a young man who can win the heart of any girl, as long as it’s within the realm of dating games.

But his abilities are put to a new test when he agrees to help a demon known as “Elsie” to capture runaway evil spirits hidden within actual three-dimensional girls.

Suddenly Keima’s got to properly earn his God of conquest title!


5. Kokoro Connect

harem anime

Now this next one hits like a truck falling under various genres like slice-of-life, drama, romance and a bit of supernatural thrown in there.

I’m referring to “Kokoro Connect” of course

This one revolves around five high school students, who are quite literally misfits, as they don’t fit into any clubs at the school.

Upon realizing this, they band together and form their own club instead, called “Student Cultural Society” or “STUCS” for short.

This club’s members consist of “Taichi Yaegashi” someone who’s a little too into wrestling for his own good.

“Iori Nagase” an optimist who can’t make up her mind

“Himeko Inaba” a computer whiz who tends to be peculiarly calm

“Yui Kiriyama” a cute girl of small stature who practices karate

And “Yoshifumi Aoki” the designated class-clown

One day out of nowhere, the five friends begin to experience an inexplicable phenomenon where they exchange their bodies.

This leads them to discovering far more about each other than intended, including hidden secrets and deep rooted emotional scars, things that could spill the end for STUCS and their friendship.

Oh boy, if I were to exchange bodies with my friends, I don’t think I’d ever want to come back.

Brian has a much nicer house! xD


4. Cupid’s Chocolates

harem anime

And coming in at second place we have “Cupid’s Chocolate”

Cupid’s Chocolate follows the protagonist “Jiang Haoyi” a normal high school student who simply wants to avoid getting into any kind of trouble.

As if stealing every guy’s dream, he ends up becoming the harem king.

Apparently he eats a magic cake and unknowingly shares it with a few girls around him.

This spell binds them.

To what does the position of harem king bring you ask, well, Jiang Haoyi suddenly finds himself surrounded by cute girls who spend their time confessing their feelings for him and pursuing him.

As he doesn’t know a single girl out of this newly created harem, he decides to act as the peacemaker.

And resolve each of the girls dream and desire just so he can break the spell off of them.

This one’s a roller-coaster of confusion, laughter and a lot of cute girls!

A good harem anime overall!

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3. Sekirei: Pure Engagement

The second half of “Sekirei” takes things to a new level.

Just as the main character “Minato Sahashi” has grown his group of partners to new heights.

Coming out in the summer of 2010, this series continues the story told by Studio “Seven Arcs”

Adapting the popular manga written by “Sakurako Gokurakuin”

The mysteries of the Sekirei plan abound however before anyone can get any answers; they have to survive in the deadly game.

Even as the single number Sekirei warriors begin to surface!


2. High School DxD

By far the most popular harem anime series on this list, “High School DxD” began back in 2012 and has had four seasons with the last one ending in the summer of 2018.

The series is a bit self-aware as the lead character “Issei Hyoudou” is actually aiming to have his own harem one day.

This somewhat works out for him when he suddenly killed by a fallen angel and gets revived by a devil known as “Rias Gremory” to become one of her servants.

Gradually Issei becomes more powerful, learning to navigate this world of angels and demons and growing to have an actual harem!

1. Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!

harem anime

Now this tale circles a young boy who’s thrusted into duty and responsibility early on.

Including finding an appropriate wife for himself.

I’m talking about “Kono Naka ni Hitori”

“Shougo Mikadono” the main protagonist, has just lost his father.

He now needs to don the mantle that was left behind to him, taking over Mikadono group, his father’s company.

As soon as he’s done with the training to take over, there’s one last thing that he must attend to before he’s eligible to proceed.

He must find a girl he loves and marry her by the time of graduation.

This guy is never catching a break.

Thankfully for him, the school he transfers to, “Miryuin Private Academy” has cute girls in abundance.

His first new friend and also the class representative “Konoe Tsuruma”.

“Miyabi Kannagi” a kind girl who tends to be a stiff at times.

“Rinka Kunitachi” a girl of high status being the student council vice president.

“Mie Sagara” a girl whose interests include running a cafe and dressing up like a witch.

And finally, “Mana Tendou” the student council president herself.

As if this wasn’t enough, there’s another complication!

One of these many girls, is his long-lost half-sister.

Shougo, unfortunately, has no idea which one which is a bummer for him.

How’s he supposed to get romantically involved with one of them without knowing for sure, let alone get married.

And this is the top 20 best harem anime of the decade.

If you enjoyed the blog, make sure to leave a comment below what is your favorite harem anime of the decade.

And that’s all what I have to say in this blog, see you next time!


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