Top 10 Depression Anime You Need To Watch!

Do you think you are the only one going through depression/anxiety?

Don’t worry, this list’s MCs will take you in a heart-bench and a morbid journey because of their sad upbringings and depressed past-lives, so you don’t feel you are the only one in this mess.

List of Top 10 Best Depression Anime To Watch:

10. The Troubled life of Miss Kotoura

Top 10 Must Watch Anime While in Depression-Syndrome

In 10th place is the anime “The Troubled life of Miss Kotoura”

Haruka Kotoura is a 15 year old girl who’s just been transferred to a new school.

Apparently, Kotoura has the gift of reading people’s minds.

For some, it’s a gift, for others it’s a curse!

Because of her gift, her friends and classmates bully and reject her.

What’s more depressing is, her parent’s divorce.

Because they are unable to understand her unique ability, so hanging out with others was out of the question.

Until she mets “Yoshihisa Manabe”, a good hearted guy who always thinks about erotic things and the club consisting of people who aren’t afraid of her ability.

With Manabe and her new club mates around, her gloomy life slowly starts to bloom.

9. 91 Days

Top 10 Must Watch Anime While in Depression-Syndrome

The ninth place goes to the anime “91 Days”.

The story takes place in the lawless districts where violence, crime and illegal boos prevail.

This place is home to the native family who made their name in this no man’s land.

However, this won’t stop the Mafia from spreading its territory.

Also to protect his family and secure his homeland, “Nero” Vincent’s oldest son, along with his friends “Vanno” and “Avilio” work hand in hand to make ends meet.

But what Nero doesn’t know is that his friend Avilio wants to kill every single one of his family.

One day, the Vanetti hit-man appear and kill his parents and young brother before his eyes.

How would one feel witnessing such heartbreaking scene?

Miraculously surviving the assassination, Nero, depressed and gloomy, has one sore thing in mind, to avenge his family!

8. Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

In eighth place is the anime “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei”

What do you think of someone who’s so pessimistic and depressed, willing to put an end to his miserable life?

“Nozomu Itoshiki” is the epitome of that!

You can even read his name as his pair.

It’s why he’s trying to take his own life by handing out himself from a branch of cherry trader.

He meets “Kafuka Fuura”, the most cheerful girl you could ever imagine!

Our MC will live another day, thanks to this girl’s ideal and dreamer view of life.

But he’s not at the end of his surprises because it’s in class that he finds Kafuka, who turns out to be one of his students along with other maniacs and psychos.

Madness only gets deeper and deeper!

7. Orange

Top 10 Must Watch Anime While in Depression-Syndrome

At number seven is the anime “Orange”

“Naho Takamiya”, a 16 year old high school junior receives a strange letter signed with her own name, dating back 10 years in the future.

She first believes it’s a joke.

However, as she begins to read the letter and the details written on it, she realizes that related events have occurred.

Such are the transfer of the new student “Kakeru Naruse”

The letter predicts the death of Kakeru in an accident.

Well, will there be a chance for Naho to change the past and save him?

What will be, will be!

So stay tight and wait until you see.

My favorite when it comes to depression anime, just give it a shot!

6. March Comes in Like A Lion

At number six is the anime “March Comes in like a lion”

“Rei Kiriyama” is a 17 year old boy who recently started living in an apartment alone, in Tokyo.

He’s one of the professional Shogi players.

His independence doesn’t seem to change much about his immaturity.

Add to that depression, he lacks interaction with his classmates.

However, one day he meets three sisters, “Akari” “Hinata” and “Momo Kawamoto” who live happily in their modest life.

The Kawamoto sisters welcome Rei, as if he’s one of them.

And share a unique bond he never had under his foster home.

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5. Dororo

Top 10 Must Watch Anime While in Depression-Syndrome

At number five we have the anime “Dororo”

All of us will do anything to stay alive.

lord “Daigo” sets a perfect example of a greedy samurai lord.

He’s made a deal with demons!

But nothing comes for free.

His son “Hyakkimaru” will pay a high price.

Born dead, mutes blind and isolated from people Hyakkimaru was patched by a compassionate adolescent surgeon providing him with weapons and prosthetics.

After many years of wandering alone and killing demons to regain his dead parts, he one day meets dororo.

A mischievous little thief.

And befriends him.

looking for a place to live in peace, Dororo and Hyakkimaru will have to confront dark spirits and forces in the process!

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion


At number 4 is the anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”

In 2000, a global calamity occurred in Antarctica.

Devastating a large part of the planet and resulting in catastrophic flooding changing climates worldwide.

15 years later, humanity overcame this event called the “Second Impact”

But mysterious creatures called “Angels” appear and try to destroy Tokyo-3, the new fortress capital of Japan.

Amid depression and conflicts, “Shinji Ikari” finds himself summoned to the fortress city of Tokyo-3 by his father.

To combat them, the secret organization Nerv has developed an ultimate weapon called the “Evangelion”

Ikari must become the pilot of Evangelion with a heavy weight of humanity’s survival.

3. Darker Than Black

At number 3 is the anime “Darker Than Black”

A decade ago, an abnormal territory known as “Hell’s Gate” arose around Tokyo, altering the sky with four stars.

The Contractors are people kept secretly from the public for having superhuman abilities emerged with the gate’s appearance.

Lacking human emotions, a conscience and no aversion to killing.

Their use as spies and agents to carry out ruthless missions for the mysterious syndicate.

“Hei”, a contractor called “Black Reaper” performs vicious missions for the syndicate, while trying to unveil the secrets behind his sister’s disappearance.

However, a plot is hatched in the shadows aiming at eradicating the contractors.

Can Hei disclose the mastermind behind the scenes?

Well, we’re looking forward to find it out.


In second place is the anime “ReLIFE”.

The story revolves around “Kaizaki Arata” a 27 year old man who struggles to find a new job after quitting his first company.

Things will get worse for him when his mom stopped supporting him financially.

One day, Arata meets “Ryou Yoake”, a girl working for the Relife company, who proposes to him to be at subjects of experience and must attend high school as a transfer student for one year.

If the experiment is a success, he’ll be referred to by a new company.

To avoid making his previous mistakes, the Relife company assigns Ryou to keep an eye on him, making his life more miserable and annoying!

1. Welcome To The N.H.K

Top 10 Must Watch Anime While in Depression-Syndrome

As for number 1 on our list, is the anime “Welcome To The N.H.K”

“Tatsuhiro Satou” is a 22 year old hikikomori.

These young people who locked themselves in their homes without ever going out, preferring total isolation to life and society.

During this time, he reflects on all these failures and deduces that all these wasted years are due to a conspiracy led by the national T.V channel N.H.K.

That aims at spreading the hikikomori culture in japanese society.

One day, he met “Misaki Nakahara” who wants to help him read off this plot.

His attempts to overcome his anxiety makes his life filled with depressing, funny and jolly moments.

If you enjoy diving into people’s hearts with a strong sense of emotion, then i would highly recommend this one!

This is by far the best depression anime (that’s why it’s at number 1 position) you can watch while in Depression-Syndrome! 

So what you guys think of this Must Watch Depression Anime list?

Please let me know in the comment section.

And share this article with your friends looking for relatable depression anime.

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