10 Of The Most Aesthetic & Visually Stunning Anime (Free Anime Bonus!)

Welcome everybody to the Top 10 Most Aesthetic & Visually Stunning anime list.

Beautiful visuals are what that make an anime so pleasing to watch.

Well, not all of the animes.

But there’s a lot of animes that are absolutely stunning to look at.

Most of them, however, tends to be animated movie.

Why Not More “Anime Series” with Aesthetics & Beautiful Visuals?

Well, it really comes down to budget.

Movies get a much higher clearance money-wise than a TV series, so that can often lead to cutting corners on them and a lot less sakuga moments.

What is Sakuga Animation?

Uhh… sakuga animation is basically the money shot where everything is animated.

It flows super well and it nearly got that 60fps finish.

But despite some restrictions, certain anime TV series goes above and beyond when it comes to visual.

So here’s a list of anime series who have completely smite me with their visuals & aesthetics!

And who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy those eye candies as well.

Here are 10 of The Most Aesthetic & Visually Stunning Anime:

10. Houkago No Pleiades

While this one might definitely not be a crowd favourite, it really connected with me in 2015 when it got released.

During the spring a lot of incredible titles came out and this particular one stood out for me.

The story follows our main character Subaru, a young girl with an appeal for space.

Or more precisely meteor showers!

During a fate encounter, “Subaru” meet up with an old friend of hers and she gets invited in their club.

Said club has an alien life-form and they have to collect pieces of its spaceship.

Now bestowed with the power of witches, they fly around looking for hints.

The anime has the episodic format which will focus on one girl at a time and eventually has the girls come out on top

Story is a bit bland, but the visuals & aesthetics are stunning and that is the point of this list.

9. Concrete Revolutio

From the studio who brought you Full Metal Alchemist, My Hero Academia and Noragami, is another all in-your-face anime “Concrete Revolutio”

It doesn’t have the same notoriety than the previous ones because it’s pretty niche and hit or miss.

The story is about super-humans.

“Jiro” recruits them for an agency until one day he goes rogue and the people he wants recruited now hunt him down.

The morality of the anime reminded me heavily of the main plot in x-men, how super mutants are chastised in society.

Visually it’s very stimulating but the art style might be slightly outside of the box on this one for some people.

Season 1 was a bit weaker, but if you stick all the way through season 2, that’s where it pays out!

8. Genesis of Aquarion

beautiful & aesthetic anime

Look, I got no higher power on this one, my inner kid self is having the time of his life.

You want to impress me visually/aesthetically?

Just puke out a rainbow in the screen and I’ll crave it like a trip to Disneyland.

And well, this show does it masterfully!

This anime started in 2005, we got a super slick show!

It was about mecha, action, romance with superpowers, everything I’m about.

Then in 2012, we got a sequel, better visuals, more action, more romance and even more colors in your face.

And then, and then “logos” (Aquarion LOGOS) happen which is, well, probably the reason it’s number eight.

Do yourself a favour and step after Aquarion Evol, that’s the best one.

Story’s about, I think Evangelion with more colors, chosen heroes selected to defend the earth from invaders by piloting giant robot in a nutshell.

That’s, that’s what it’s about.

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7. Flip Flappers

I don’t get how come there’s not more people talking about Flip Flappers.

From the soundtrack, to the visual, to even the story, everything is exciting in Flip Flappers.

The story begins with two girls who are selected to go through different dimensions.

This anime oozes of greatness, it’s so malleable, adaptable, every episode is a different genre.

You go from action-adventure to legit horror within one episode.

Every time they travel to a new location, you’re left wondering what’s going to happen next and the anime constantly barrage you with whimsical visuals/aesthetics.

The immersion is amazing and I have nothing but praises for this anime.

I hope you can try it out and stick with it until the end, because while it does have a what’s going on kind of beginning, it pays out tremendously at the end.

6. Beyond The Boundaries (Kyoukai no Kanata)

beautiful & aesthetic anime

This anime is nothing but warmies. You think I tried too hard to put this word into the dictionary?

Premise follows a girl “Mirai”, who’s a spirit world warrior and she hunts down monster called “Youmu”

She finds a half-breed on the school rooftop and it turns out to be one of her classmate.

But it also turns out he’s immortal.

So, from that point Mirai constantly tries to murder him, while he himself convinced her to join the literary club.

In that club is also two fellow spirit world warriors.

If this premise leaves you luke warm, I’d still want to insist on telling you how good of a show it is.

The anime was made by Kyoto Animation which is probably one of the best company when it comes down to visuals alone.

They spend years fine-tuning details before it is actually released, so you can bet your pretty butt they delivered in end.

It got beautiful aesthetics & visuals, and is a beautiful anime, trust me.

Try this one out!

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5. Kyousou Giga

In this version of Kyoto, there is humans and youkais, or well monsters, who lives alongside each other.

Above it all is three beings who watch over everything.

One day, a girl with her two brothers and they’re looking for their mothers.

And it’s unclear whether she’s a human or a youkai herself.

Intruding inside the city upsets the balance, and well, the rest you’ll have to watch for yourself.

Regardless this anime is an outstanding tour de force, that I think you can appreciate both story wise and visually.

I mean the artstyle just keep improving episodes after episode and it never ends.

What I also appreciate from this anime is our niche it is.

So if you like to brag to your friends about obscure anime that are good, must bring this one in.

4. Hyouka

beautiful & aesthetic anime

I think the beauty in Hyouka lays in the sober visuals & aesthetics of the show.

Everything comes off as monochrome and once in a while you’ll have that spark of contrast that plays in tenfold in comparison with the rest.

Hyouka is an anime about a literature club and the mystery surrounding it.

One day “Oreki” a listless laid-back student, gets dragged in an investigation about a 45 year old mystery about the clubroom.

Join with three other students (that that’s like a full RPG party) it must use their wits and talent to uncover hints about it.

It could seem dull on paper but if you give it a few episodes, you’ll be mesmerized by either the mystery or the captivating visuals.

By the way you ain’t coming back unscathed from this one.

3. Nagi no Asu Kara (A lull in The Sea)

Nagi no Asu kara is probably one of the anime that had an impact on my personal life beyond being just good entertainment.

Its inner core values is something I keenly connect with.

And as an added bonus, it has beautiful aesthetics & visuals to boot too.

The story is about fish people’s, fishes people…  I never know the difference…

Who lives in the sea.

Kind of like mermaids, or mermen, whichever.

One day a few students end up on the shore and are forced to attend a normal school for normal people.

But upon entering the class, they soon find out that they’re being ostracized and they’re constantly segregated from other classmates because of the racial status.

It kind of speak about our culture a few years back, how some people were pretty racist and what not.

I don’t know, it really struck a chord with me and I hope you can appreciate the genuineness of this anime.

Or you know, pretty colors!

It’s a beautiful anime, try it out!

2. Violet Evergarden

beautiful & aesthetic anime

Violet Evergarden is a story about a refurbished, auto memory doll that was used in the military as “The weapon”

But now she has left the said military and works in a postal office delivering letters.

She wants to learn the meaning of some words that were left for her.

Just like Kyoukai no Kanata, this anime was made by Kyoto Animation.

And well you can see it with the clips, it’s absolutely jaw-dropping!

So if you like a story that’s about soul-searching, I think you should consider this anime.

It’s pretty light-hearted and that’s okay sometimes, it’s alright to sit out and unwind.

1. Fate/Unlimited Blade Works

People often joke and call this anime fate unlimited budget works.

Because, well, it does benefit from an incredible patronage and that reflects in the visuals.

The fate franchise has been going on for over a decade with many spin-offs and alternate route as you can think.

And if you enjoy the fate/zero, this is right up your alley.

If you never heard of Fate before, well think of it as some kind of historical battle royale featuring some of the greatest warriors.

I would give you some names but that in itself is a bit spoilery.

Masters and servant join together to fight against another team and the strongest win it all for the Holy Grail.

It’s a fantastic anime but visually and story wise, so if you never experienced that before now’s the time to jump in.

So let’s just jump into it!

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1. Patema Inverted

beautiful & aesthetic anime

Patema Inverted takes place in a city called “Aiga” with the last of mankind remains due to mother-nature destroying rest of the Earth (or something like that).

Now, there are 2 types of people living in this world.

The citizens of Aiga whose center of gravity is right side-up and the inverts who remain underground in order to avoid falling into the sky due to their inverse gravity.

However, Aiga’s ruled by tyrannical leader whose in need of a lot of lube to loosen that tight asshole of his!

He believes that inverts are the scum of the world and seeks to kill them by sending them into the sky.

And one day, our protagonist “Age” meets an Invert named “Patema”.

And now Age must hide her while seeking to find a true world.

2. Children Who Chase Lost Voices

beautiful & aesthetic anime

The fantasy genre has been done countless times.

But a few managed to captivate that feeling of pure childhood imagination that makes it genuinely exhilarating to watch and fold before your eyes.

It requires an endless supply of creative vision jam packed into every frame of animation in order to be perfect.

So, mastering this aura is quite a formidable task, and is accomplished by relatively few.

And this daunting task was taken up by “Shinkai” who’s not really known for these type of stories.

In fact, both of his most renowned films “The Garden of Words” and “5 Centimeters Per Second” are both romance dramas.

And are rather uneventful in comparison of “Children Who Chase Lost Voices”

3. 5 Centimeters per Second

Five Centimeters Per Second is from the same director of the big hit “Your Name” and another film I saw previously “The Garden of Words”

Both are movies I was really fascinated by and both are about two lovers that have this barrier between them that they can’t control.

It’s a very unique film that’s told in three parts of kid’s lives.

From when they were in elementary school to when they were in junior high and high school to when they are adult.

It follows “Takaki” and “Akari” who are best friends in elementary school and she has to move away because of her parents’ job.

And he is dealing with that loneliness and separation from his friend for many years.

He hops on train one night to go see her and you feel that excitement and nervousness coming off of him as he’s about to approach his friend that he hasn’t seen in a year.

And then we get the second chapter of the movie and the third chapter of the movie which are events after that.

It got the most beautiful anime visuals.

Give it a shot!

4. The Garden of Words

beautiful & aesthetic anime

The best way I can describe the garden of words, is a rabbit painting himself as a lion.

Much late Makoto Shinkai’s other work the garden of words is a light romance story portrayed in a spectacular way.

Though the story told in this piece isn’t to be underestimated.

Shinkai tells a realistic story about life as a normal human.

The story seems very real and relatable but he make sure to maintain a level of fantasy.

It is overall a romance story but touches on several other fiends that play a big part.

The seasons another Shinkai reoccurrence, play big part in this telling of the story while also providing visual satisfaction, the rain links up all the elements of the story.

The seasons control the events, emotions and atmosphere of the story, almost taking the part as the third main character.


I’ll admit this list is anything but fair.

There’s hundreds of beautiful TV animation and I could go on for days about the shows like ancient Magus Bride or no game no life or planetarium but that’s all the time that I had today folks.

Comment down your favorite Anime from this Aesthetic & Visually Stunning Anime list!

Thank you for reading this blog, hopefully you found something beautiful & interesting to watch.

And if not, maybe you can be one of the cool kids to recommend extra titles for those who’ve you’ve seen everything like you

So, I’ll catch you later!

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