Top 19 Best Slice of Life Fantasy Anime 2022

Welcome to Anime Mantra and today we are going to list out anime within Slice of Life fantasy Anime genre.

Hence, here we have Top 19 best slice of life fantasy anime in 2022, this is going to be an interesting list, especially the top 3 picks.

All of them are brilliant and can be recommended to anyone!

Here are Top 19 Best Slice of Life Fantasy Anime:

19. Let’s Make a Mug Too

Yakunara Mug Cup mo (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

This light and simple anime is about a few high school girls. It takes place in a city which is quite well known for its Mino earthenware. There are several pottery producers as well as many museums, which means that this city has a lot of historical significance when it comes earthenware and things associated with it.

Now, the story begins when a high school girl moves to a shopping district within the city after getting acquainted and becoming friends with a few other girls, she begins her adventure in making pottery.

There is no complicated drama just a few girls having fun doing something they love. The episodes are considerably shorter too, it’s 14 minutes per episode.

18. The Way of the Househusband

The Way of the Househusband, Vol. 6 | Book by Kousuke Oono | Official  Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

There used to be a legendary man among the Yakuza, who defeated a rival gang  all alone, with nothing but a lead pipe and because of what he did both policemen and the Yakuza are downright afraid of him. People call him “The Immortal Tatsu” and he is a man that invokes fear in the hearts of many.

However, after this incident he disappears from the scene. Later, ends up becoming a stay-at-home househusband has given up violence for good and is just trying to live an honest life. But can a transition like this really be this simple.

This anime has great characters and an interesting plot going for it, but the adaptation itself is rather underwhelming. So, If you love the concept it’s better to start reading the Manga after checking out the anime.

17. A3! Season Spring and Summer

A3! Season Spring & Summer (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

This one is a slice of life drama, it features a lot of main characters and there are story arcs representing each one of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The story beginning a girl named Izumi Tachibana tries to convince and stop a debt collector from repurposing the building, that her father wants to use to direct a popular theater group.

She asked the debt collector to give her a chance and he is willing to do so but on three different conditions.

The conditions themselves aren’t outside the realm of possibility as you’ll find out in the anime. So, Izumi starts gathering 5 people for the spring trope all the while hoping that they can debut a month.

It is a very underrated anime, so give it a shot if you like the concepts.

16. The Saints Magic Power is Omnipotent

The Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

This one has a female protagonist, she is 20 years old office worker until she ends up getting  Saint Isekai to another world.

The  reason behind her summon is very straightforward, she is supposed become a saint and take care of the dark magic for good. However, She isn’t the only one who gets summoned there are two of them and people prefer the second girl over her, but that’s not a problem for her.

She leaves the place sets up shop and starts living in a new everyday life in this other world. Now, how long can she maintain this new, yet ordinary lifestyle.

15. Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater

Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater (TV Series 2020) - IMDb

We have another anime that involves group of girls doing something fun. It begins when a girl named Hina Tsurugi moves to a seaside town together with her family.

She is excited about the sea but sooner than later she runs into a senior at her new school then asks Hina, if she wants to try fishing., just like that Hina tries fishing.

Her first experience doesn’t go that well and she is then forced into joining the school’s breakwater club where they catch marine life and then eat it. However, slowly but surely, Hina begins to see the subtle joy that comes from fishing.

14. Super Cub

Manga Mogura RE on Twitter: "Light Novel "Super Cub" final vol 8 by Tone  Koken, Hiro" / Twitter

The story revolves around a shy and silent second year high school student named Koguma. She isn’t living a interesting life, she doesn’t have any parents or friends either. She is living this boring and unfulfilled life, full of silence.

Until one day, she ends up buying a motorcycle and starts riding it. This adds a little color to her mundane life and as time passes by, she begins to form friendships with motorcyclists at her school.

13. Horimiya

تويتر \ Anime News And Facts على تويتر: "The "Horimiya" manga by Hagiwara  Daisuke will end in the upcoming Monthly G-Fantasy issue on March 18, 2021  with chapter 122."

The most prominent rom-com of this year we have Horimiya at the number 14 spot. It goes without saying that sometimes romance and slice of life just go well together.

We have a girl named Hori, who is a super popular and charismatic girl at school but is often busy doing housework while she is at home. We have Miyamura,  who is a gloomy looking boy but he turns out to be a refreshing and likable guy with a lot of time on his hands.

Things happen and both of them become friends but this was just still farthest of the progression of interrelationship.

12. Those Snow White Notes

Those Snow White Notes (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

There is a traditional Japanese music instrument named Shamisen. The MC Setsu Sawamura and his older brother, were both raised by their grandfather, who also happened to be the great Shamisen player.

Both siblings grew up listening to their grandfather and learning to play the instrument by themselves.

However, after the death of their grandfather Setsu ends up dropping out of high school and moving to Tokyo. He doesn’t know what to do but that’s exactly when his mother straight  out jumps into his life and whips him into shape.

Setsu has no idea that he is about fall in love with Shamisen all over again.

11. Somali and The Forest Spirit

slice of life anime

Honestly, this one is an underrated masterpiece, it looks simple but this is one the best slice of life anime, the depths of the themes and the way they are told is just beautiful.

The story takes place in a world that is home to demons, cyclopes and a few other kinds of supernatural creatures. But, while they are all established humans are treated as outcasts. Humans eventually got fed up and declared war but were defeated and now only a few of them remain.

This story begins with a Golem encountering a lone human girl and together they begin a journey find her parents. It is a heartfelt, story full of emotion and it definitely hits hard.

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10. Kakushigoto

Kakushigoto (TV Series 2020) - IMDb

Here, is one of the best slice of life anime. We have the story of a boy named, Goto Kakushi who is too self-cautious of his daughters finding out that he draws sketchy manga and for that reason alone, he vowed to keep his occupation a secret from her.

This of course doesn’t help his anxiety since, he always runs the risk of his daughter finding out. There will come a time when she learns the truth.

The question is how long can Goto keep theses secrets or rather how long is he planning on keeping them, only time will tell.

This 12 episode long slice of life anime is full of wholesome moments and joyful comedy and yet at the same time all of that is leading up to something. I’d say, if you haven’t watched this one yet you are genuinely missing out.

9. Frankenstein Family

slice of life anime

At start, we have an exceptional rather underrated Chinese anime, it also has Japanese dubs by the way.

There is a boy named Tanis, who has some pretty messed parents, like they are literally just a couple of mad scientists. They used their own children and experimented upon them far away from the civilization on an abandoned island.

Finally, the couple gets arrested and the siblings are transferred to a new place though. Since, they have never had a normal life they don’t know the first thing about, how to interact with society.

Now, unlike his siblings, Tanis wasn’t genetically modified and so, he tries to help his siblings become accustomed to the society. Just like that the Frankenstein Family will now have their slice of what it’s like to live a normal life.

8. Silver Spoon

Anime de 'Silver Spoon': diseños de personajes

Best slice of life anime. As a Manga, that was created by the author of “Fullmetal Alchemist” and then adapted an A1 pictures Gin Nosaji is quite an experience. It follows the light and colorful story of a young student as he tries to become accustomed to his new agricultural high school the guy’s name is Yugo Hachiken.

He is quite the hard worker, but still always fails to live up to his parents expectations. Though, when the new school year comes he takes this chance to escape to a boarding school located in the Hokkaido countryside.

He knew for sure that he would do well there, but the man soon realizes that he was sorely mistaken. The school has a lot of practical stuff and since his classmates have spent most of their lives on a farm, they are way better than him at everything.

He is a complete newbie but as he meets new and unique people, he gradually comes to appreciate this new environment. The simplicity of it all is fascinating.

7. Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb

There are times in life when all you need is to relax to be at peace smile at casual jokes and appreciate the simple things in life. Well, Laid-Back Camp is the kind of anime that’ll take you to that peaceful atmosphere.

It’s about the camping adventures of five high school girls, the friendship and the jokes they crack along the way.

It does nothing more than what it needs to, which is why it’s beautiful the element of ingenuity is what makes it so great. So, want to relax on a weekend make some coffee and enjoy this anime.

6. My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu

slice of life anime

This is the story that follows an anti-social protagonist named Hikigaya Hachiman. The entire school his existence is trivial some don’t even know such a person exists in their class, naturally the guy becomes accustomed to it all and ends up with a rather peculiar philosophy, “youth is a lie, it is evil” or so he says, he writes it down and submits it to the teacher.

Though, when she reads it she gets concerned about him and makes him join the volunteer service club. The only other member is the Elite Yukino Shita.

Their initial conversations are awkward but when the third member joins and the club continues to accept and fulfill requests, their relationship as well as the relationship of those around them gradually begin to shift Hachiman’s rom-com has just begun. It is a best slice of life anime and if you haven’t seen it yet then, make sure to give it a shot.

5. Mushi-shi

slice of life anime

In both the anime and the manga medium, Mushi-shi holds a prestigious status. The plot essentially revolves around a way of life called Mushi.

It is where you just go with the flow, and you don’t have any goals, no aspirations, your perspective on what’s good or what’s evil is also beyond the sum of their parts.

ow, these Mushi can exist in many forms, from plants to diseases and even a natural phenomenon like a rainbow. Those who try and understand Mushi are called Mushishi or in other words they are Mushi Masters.

The protagonist named Ginko is also a Mushi Master, he transverses through the lands understands Mushi and help those who are in need.

4. Barakamon

Barakamon (TV Mini Series 2014) - IMDb

Barakamom is that one the best slice of life anime, it perfectly embodies everything as a well-crafted slice of life is supposed to be. It’s about an interesting protagonist a clever premise and a downright exceptional side cast.

The protagonist named Seishu Handa is a young calligrapher though, he also has a few narcissistic tendencies.

One day, when a veteran in this field labels his craft as unoriginal, he loses his cool and just punches the guy. His father sends him to the Goto islands in order for him to self-reflect and gain a new understanding of things.

Though, his new environment is too lively, no one stops barging into his life and through these interactions he gradually starts to learn much more about this simple thing called life. It’s a genuinely refreshing anime. 

3. Welcome to N.H.K

slice of life anime

Welcome to N.H.K is not like your usual animes, the amount of depression in it is inconceivable. If anything, some of that depression might even rub off on you too. The plot is essentially a coming of age story, on how to overcome depression but the way it is all portrayed is incredibly realistic, the element of realism is on steroids.

The protagonist is a 22 year old dropout who had been a hardcore hikikomori for four years and instead of taking responsibility for his behavior, he blames it all on a secret organization who exists only in his head.

Though, he simply believes that it is them who forced him into his neat status, now will the guy ever be able to face his biggest fear, “the society”.

2. Space Brothers

Space Brothers (2014) - IMDb

Space Brothers may very well be the inspiring series that you always needed. It tells us the story of two brothers, how they vowed to go to the moon when they were young, but now in the present day while one has lost his job as a car designer after head-butting the manager.

The younger one is successfully making great strides in achieving his dream. The time when he’ll be standing on the moon is not far away. Meanwhile, the older brother named Mutta keeps questioning his life, he has been reduced to a wage worker.

Though, when their mother secretly sends in his application to the Japanese aero space agency and he is accepted. The man finally embarks on this journey of becoming an astronaut catching up to his brother and then going to the moon.

Yet again, it’s the element of realism that makes this story so profound in the eyes of all who experience it.

1 . March Comes in Like a Lion

slice of life anime

This anime is by far the best, and te number one best slice of life anime. Here we have yet another coming of age story one that centers around an emotionally wounded young man named Rei Kiriyama.

He has been through a lot in his childhood, he has lost his parents, was adopted by his father’s friend’s family, but his new siblings never saw him as a part of their family.

Now, in his second year of high school, he is a professional shogi player, and though his interactions with all kinds of players the friendships with his teacher and the family-like atmosphere provided by the three Kawamoto Sisters, Rei keeps experiencing all sorts of emotions silently.

Soon enough, his solitary shell begins to crack, will his emotional scars ever heal though this story is not just about him. It’s also about the people involved with him and the missteps taken along the way.


That’s all for the day. Hope you will like all the slice of life fantasy anime in this list!

If you think we missed any worthy anime title which deserves a place in this list, please do let us know by commenting.

Thank you for reading till the end, Peace.

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